Warn winches and Spacecase Storage
  |  First Published: March 2010

There's an old saying ‘Do enough four wheel driving and sooner or later you will end up in a recovery situation’. And when the vehicle has made that unexpected stop, no other recovery accessory will come close to having the retrieval ability of an electric winch.

Which is where the Warn range of vehicle mounted electric winches really shines. Thanks to industry leading technology there's a winch for the job at hand from 770kg through to the 9,500 (maximum load 9,500kg) series as shown in the photography.

Warn has the runs on the board thanks to over half a century's experience with the result that their products, designed to perform in the most strenuous conditions and tested within a state of the art purpose built test environment, are used world wide in recreational, industrial and even military applications.

Selecting the right Warn winch for the job comes down to assessment of the weight of the vehicle and the expected usage. The general rule is that capacity of the chosen winch should be at least one and a half times the weight of the vehicle.

The main features of the latest Warn range are a three stage planetary gear train for really heavy duty use. Then there are top quality components, a powder coated finish for extra long life and smart appearance, a compact and very fast acting control box system linked to a remote control switch with sufficient cable to allow the user to stand well to the side while winching is undertaken, plus a solid roller fairlead to guide the winch's aircraft grade wire rope evenly onto the spool.

Extra quick retrieval is also a feature of these winches. This comes into it's own once a bogged vehicle is starting to become freed and while assisted by the winch commences to make way under it's own power. As the load on the winch is reduced it's vital that cable can then be spooled quickly in order to still assist the vehicle from the recovery situation if necessary.

Complimenting the extensive Warn winch range is ARB's vehicle specific range of winch bull bars designed to accommodate the selected winch. These winch bull bars are tested to ensure they can handle loads placed on them far above the capacity of the winch matched to the vehicle so the buyer can have utmost confidence in both the winch and the ARB bull bar to which it is fitted.

Also designed to back up the Warn winch range is the ARB range of winch extension straps, tree trunk protectors, snatch blocks (these can double a winch's capacity) and recovery damper, which is slipped over the cable as it comes under strain.

In all the entire Warn winch range offers a quality product at a competitive price.

Spacecase Storage Containers

Moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic, light weight, yet with a very high strength rating the Spacecase storage system marketed by ARB is designed to fit into the cargo area of virtually any vehicle.

Applications include general storage and transit duties but given their strength the cases can also double as tool boxes or storage containers for camping or 4WD accessories, even electronic equipment.

A real bonus for users is the weather proofing system involved in each case's full sized lid, which sees a rubber seal contacting a raised rib to prevent ingress of water or dust.

Also featured is a system of latches which positively close and lock lids in place. Cases can also be locked. The small rubber crosspiece on each catch, which secures the toggle in place once the catch is applied, can be replaced with a conventional padlock to keep valuable gear safe.

Spacecases are also designed to stack neatly on each other in the situation where more than one case is in use. This handy state of affairs comes about due to the fact that the ribbed top and bottom surfaces interlock to prevent the cases from sliding once stacked on each other. It's a simple system but it certainly works well.

There are over thirty different models ranging in size from 300-1800mm long, with breadths from 300-740 mm and heights from 300-850 mm. Features include zinc plated catches, resistance of the construction material to chemical and oil plus the over all heavy duty nature which sees them constructed to military standards.

There's even a range of insulated boxes within the Spacecase catalogue ranging in size from 620-1240 long, 410-620 wide and 340-450mm high.

Their light weight, coupled to inherent strength is a big feature of all units within the Spacecase range. For example the very large, general use container at 1800mm x 740mm x 850mm can easily be carried by one person yet the container will take a payload of 55.5kg.

Last but not least is the fact that these units are sufficiently strong that they can be bolted onto the floor of a ute or 4WD as a permanent fixture, or affixed to a suitable roof rack via U bolts.

To check out more information on the Warn winches or Spacecase range, log onto the ARB website at www.arb.com.au.

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