Black Magic Pliers
  |  First Published: January 2010

Normally I would have reserved this review until I had used these pliers in the field for at least 12 months. But after just a couple of months use, I’ve decided that I can’t wait because Black Magic Tackle pliers are just so damn good everyone needs to know about them!

I’ve owed and used a lot of pliers over the years, some good and some not so good. In this time I’ve worked out the pros and cons of fishing pliers and have come up with a checklist of things that good fishing pliers must have and must do. This list includes:

• Must not rust. I’m like T-Rex with a hangover the second I feel the jaws bind up. So if they aren’t made of good tin, give them the bin;

• Jaws must stay in-line. As anglers we grab hooks with the tips and twist. Pliers must be able to handle this without upsetting the alignment;

• Cutters must cut! So many times the cutters, even on the really expensive pliers, won’t cut;

• Must have pouch and lanyard. If they don’t I guarantee they will go over-board and it won’t be you that did it it’ll be your mate that just borrowed them off you;

• Real handles to hold on to. Not Barbie doll, toy crap handles;

• Replaceable jaws and cutters. At the end of the day, this is where all the business happens and being able to replace these components makes your pliers last forever.

New Zealand’s Black Magic Tackle has always been the type of mob to bring things to the market once they have been thoroughly tested so my concerns about whether these pliers where worthy or not had mostly been answered already!

When you hold these pliers in your hand you know you’ve got some good gear in your mitts. The big hinge section is a standout and it’s the thing that keeps the jaws in line. You would expect the opening mechanics of these pliers to be a hinge type spring assembly, but it’s not! It’s the same type of spring system that all threadline reel bail systems have gone to in the last 10 years – A compression spring! And just like the bail wire, this spring system will never let you down.

The jaws are also very cool. That weird looking buck-tooth on the end serves two purposes: First it’ll easily open up 300lb split rings, and secondly it locks hooks in tight for removal or tightening up knots. The jaws also have another wedge-type split ring opener for getting a different angle on things!

The cutters on these Black Magic Pliers are the best I’ve seen. They can cut the thinnest braid under no tension as clean as a whistle time and time again and make the neatest slice into 600lb mono and any other mono line under that rating.

Give me a belt pouch, a really tough spring-style lanyard, three colours to choose from and the ability to swap out the jaws and cutters and you have the new Black Magic Pliers. Fan-bloody-tastic!

These are full-on pliers that will make your fishing day so much easier and at under $100 you’re loose in the noodle if you don’t go and get some right now!

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