Canka Vibe
  |  First Published: December 2009

I love a good Aussie designed lure! I like it even more when it’s a mate of mine that’s doing the designing!

The Cranka Vibe was developed in Tasmania by BREAM tournament angler Steve Steer and has been tested on bream and trout down in Tassie for the last 18 months.

This small, lipless, rattling hardbody is the perfect size for a whole host of fish species. Measuring up at 40mm in length and weighing in at 6g.

For those of you who don’t know how this style of lure works, it goes a little like this:

Instead of there being a bib out the front of the lure which makes it swim, the lipless crankbait uses its forehead to get the same result, allowing for a better over-all profile of the lure.

Most people who fish this style of lure rely totally on the ‘lift’ or in-gear section of their retrieve to get the lure swimming and rattling but what Steersie managed to do, is get this lure to swim on the drop! This opens up a whole new arena for this lure to be fished in.

Now you don’t have to wait for this lure to get to the strike zone. It’s in the strike zone as soon as it hits the water! In my mind, this one design feature is what sets this lure apart from all others in its class.

The Cranka Vibe is actually two lures in one! It gives you the wobble on the drop action of a stick minnow with the noisy vibrations of a lipless crank bait.

As for the colour range, this too took some time to get right! With eight colours in all, four natural and four attractors (of which six are see-through ghost patterns) the colour range is extensive enough to temp dozens of species of fish.

The stand-outs for mine are colours GAU, SRT, CRB and ORT. Although I sort of like them all!

The Cranka Vibe is a home-grown creation by one of the good guys in Australian angling and he can catch a fish or two as well. So look out for these amazing little treats kicking around selected tackle shops and grab a few.

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