New Year Refresh
  |  First Published: December 2009

A new year is about to begin and, apart from some very hot days, the weather remains quite stable.


In December, the strong currents slowed, which gave us more fishing options and allowed us to travel further offshore.

Our northern grounds off Fraser Island have produced good catches of red emperor, red throat emperor, parrot, hussar and some other good mixed reef fish.

Fishing up north at this time of year presents either full on action, where you can't keep up, or the fish all get lockjaw. So it’s a big punt, you either triple your average catch or come home a little on the lean side.

The fishing is more consistent in the eastern country, so just sit it out and chip away. East of Double Island Point has been fishing well for parrot, snapper, lots of Moses perch and big spangled emperor.


Whiting have been on the menu in the straits. Some good catches have come from Teebar Creek and the bottom end of Fraser Island.

Live mangrove worms seem to be picking out the big elusive specimens, but live beachworms and yabbies are also working a treat.

There is still plenty of surface activity with hundreds of small tuna chopping away at baitfish.

Mud crabs are being potted in very good numbers. Considering we have had little rain, a couple of good down pours may see a great season for muddies.


Like the straits, whiting remain the dominant species. The area to fish for whiting at the moment is from the beach access at Rainbow Shores through to the Oaks at Inskip Point.

A few golden trevally have shown up in front of the Inskip Point camping area. Live bait is a must to catch these big fellows.

January is usually an action month. Spanish and spotted mackerel should step up a gear, so it is time to polish up those lures and test out the new fishing gear you got for Christmas.

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