Family fun on Lake Macquarie
  |  First Published: March 2010

After its great success in 2009, the Tenno Bream and Flathead Fishing Classic will again be run, from April 16 to 18. This is a fun-for-all fishing competition on the waters of beautiful Lake Macquarie.

There are cash prizes for adults, BCF vouchers to be won by juniors, bonuses for female anglers and special prizes for kayak fishers, in all, more than $7500 in prizes and giveaways.

The Tenno Bream and Flathead Fishing Classic is an open event for recreational anglers of all ages. While there are some great prizes available for the serious competitive angler, there are many great incentives for anyone, thanks to the many random ‘sur-prizes’ that will occur on the weekend, plus plenty of lucky-entrant giveaways (including a complete rigged Wilderness Systems Tarpon Fishing Kayak).

The competition is based at Summerland Point, about 15 minutes’ drive from Swansea at the southern end of Lake Macquarie.

All sections of the competition will be judged by fish length and operate under catch and release rules.

The dates set are specifically in the last weekend of the April school holidays to maximise opportunities for the whole family.

Fishing is done over three sessions – Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and in each session competitors can enter two of each species. This means a maximum of six fish over the two days (bream and/or flathead).

The winner will be the angler with the longest overall total length in either the flathead or bream sections.

You can, however, enter both sections and compete in both bream and flathead. There are two ways of ‘weighing’ fish – those with a livewell they can bring the fish to the base for length checks, or a photo showing fish and entry card can be taken against a brag mat and then transferred onto the tournament computer back at base at the end of each session.

For entry details visit www.breamandflathead.eventbrite.com, where there are also links to the rules, individual prizes and much more.


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