Lake keeps on keeping on
  |  First Published: August 2008

There’s no need to sit around waiting for the warmer months to roll on, the fishing is always good in Lake Macquarie.

We are blessed with so many fishing opportunities in our area, especially this month.

For the beach and rock fishos, August and September provide access to the lower rock platforms because the prevailing westerly winds produce calm, flat seas.

If you are chasing tailor and drummer off the rocks then I’ll talk about my favourite location, Redhead rocks. I’ve fished these platforms for 30 years and have taken some nice fish home.

With rock fishing comes the hard walking up and down cliffs and rocky ledges and Redhead offers plenty of that.

The access point is at the top of Ocean Street or the top of Redhead Bluff. You’ll need to park your car there and begin the descent down the sharp cliff after a short bush walk.

You’ll witness a pretty good view of the platforms below to the north from above. The farthermost to the north is a spot called Tommys, don’t ask me why. It is surrounded by deep water suitable for snapper and jewfish, gutters for luderick and fantastic whitewater for big tailor and kingfish.

I love this spot, you could fish there all day in the right conditions for many species.

There are also some higher ledges just to the north called Rixons Rock, where the same options exist.

The most productive way to target tailor is with garfish rigged on a gang of four 4/0 Mustad hooks with a 0 or 00 ball sinker cast into the foaming whitewater. Tailor to 2kg are common and after the sun has come up, try for bream, luderick or snapper.

Don’t forget the drummer, which respond well to peeled prawns cast into a bread berley.


It may seem a little strange to say that jewfish are still being caught. I guess if you are keen, you spend hour after hour with a bait in the water targeting them so the law of averages must kick in.

Good mate Linc Johnston is one of these anglers who had a burning desire to land his first jewfish and we have spent many hours on the local beaches endeavouring to do just that.

Everything finally came together for Linc late one afternoon on Blacksmiths Beach when he caught his first jewie, of 4kg, on a mullet fillet from Blacksmiths Beach when the water temperature was just 18°.


The westerly winds will provide some excellent offshore conditions for targeting snapper in the deeper water and the yellowfin tuna on the continental shelf.

Many people will know of The Farm reef in 95m to 110m off Swansea and it is a very popular place to fish.

There are also many ways to fish areas like these. The bottom comprises reef, sand and weed but large and small boulders are sometimes are hard to identify on most fish finders.

You need to take advantage of the days when there is little or no wind to go to the GPS mark but don’t anchor, just drift – maybe with a sea anchor.

You will find the results very impressive for snapper, teraglin, morwong and john dory and if you mark your new hot spots on your GPs you can return to them any time.

Linc Johnston caught this 4kg school jew on Blacksmiths Beach on a mullet strip when the water was just 18°.

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