Redfin Firing
  |  First Published: November 2009

There has been a nasty algae bloom recently at Bullen Merri.

Green and thick, in fact one of the worst that has been seen at the lake for a while. What makes it even more disappointing is there had been fair numbers of fish to 700g being caught at Bullen Merri. Most of these fish were taken with Powerbait.

From past experience these blooms blow around the lake a bit then slowly disappear. If you are considering a trip to Camperdown over Christmas make a couple of phone calls first.

Purrumbete during late October and early November definitely slowed. The big fish numbers dropped off but there are still plenty of rainbows around the kilo mark, and an odd brown to 3kg. The warmer weather has meant the redfin have really fired up with plenty to 1.2kg. Mudeyes under floats have been the best method for the trout, with trolling being another worthwhile option.

Ellingamite continues to fish well with browns and rainbows from 1.5-2kg and some great redfin to 2kg. These big redfin have been taking vibe style lures and plastics.

There has been some sultry weather over the last month resulting in good insect hatches. Reports from lakes and rivers all around the district of fish feeding on the surface in good numbers has the local flyfishers all fired up.

It is surprising just how many fish there are in some of our local streams, but when there is a good rise fish seem to be in every hole with more then one in plenty.

The Mount Emu Creek and the Gellibrand River are two standouts. Both these streams carry plenty of fish, the Mount Emu due to stocking and the Gellibrand due to a self-sustaining population.

Bibbed lures in the Mount Emu have been accounting for good numbers of fish from 600g-2kg. This stream is also fished by a number of flyfishers who practice catch and release and play their cards very close to their chests when it comes to giving out information.

The Gellibrand, unlike the Emu, rarely has a hatch during the day. Evening rises are your best bet and a little Elk Hair Caddis will suffice. If you’re not into flies a bunch of worms or a mudeye will usually mean a fish or two.

West Barwon Dam is still producing plenty of brown and rainbow trout on mudeyes and lures. Redfin are also making their presents felt with plastics the best method. Due to this dams sheltered location, good ant and termite hatches can bring plenty of fish to the surface looking for a feed.  

For those heading this way over Christmas and New Year, Purrumbete Caravan Park has a few spots left, so get your booking in, and be assured Marie and Darren have plenty of mudeyes and scrub worms for those looking for bait.

I hope everyone gets to their fishing spot safely, catches plenty of fish and gets home again safely. Merry Christmas.

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