Best yet to come
  |  First Published: November 2009

I regret to inform readers, for the second month in a row, that the fishing in East Gippsland is poor.

I guess the good news is that we have been receiving above average rainfall since August and the countryside and the farms look great. Unfortunately the rivers are going up and down like a yo-yo.

The air and water temperatures are also quite low and there is an absence of insects around.

I drove to the Mitta Mitta River last weekend with a view to wetting a line and found it to be high and dirty. It had only just started clearing the previous week from a downpour of rain in the catchment before getting another top up and making it unfishable.

I then moved to the Livingston Creek which is normally fairly settled to find it coffee coloured and absolutely unfishable.

Not to be deterred I then headed for the Bundara River. The Bundara is usually the best bet in these sorts of conditions and proved to be in this case.

Although it was running high it was clear and fishable but I only managed a couple of small, poorly conditioned browns. There have not been many anglers about over recent weeks but those who are out and about are reporting just fair fishing in this river.

Nearby the Cobungra River is running high and is slightly discoloured. It would be worthwhile for the bait boys to drift a worm down with a chance of snagging a small brown or two but pretty hard for flyfishers.

The Gibbo River is also running hard, but quite clear and a few small rainbows are being taken out of it. It was recently too high to drive downstream below Gibbo Park. The track was covered by water and impassable

Nearby the Morass Creek has also been high and dirty and not much is happening. Back in May, I drove over the Morass and it was completely dry; how quickly things change!

There is better news at the Timbarra River. This is a rain fed stream that is best fished before Christmas. It is presently running a little on the high side but it is well worth fishing. The fish are only small but they are numerous.

Best area to try is the Settlement area which is a lovely area to fish. The river runs through farmland and access is good with the road roughly following the river for several kilometres.

Further east I recently checked out the Pinch and Jacobs rivers. Unfortunately, after a long drive, I found both of these rivers to be high and unfishable. In the end we just kept driving and eventually successfully fished the Thredbo River in the Snowy Mountains.

Apart from the high water levels, the other problem that we are having at the moment is the lack of streamside life. Usually at this time of the year the air is alive with all sorts of insects and terrestrials.

When I drove to the Mitta recently there was barely an insect mark on the windscreen of the vehicle. Hopefully over the next month we will get some warmer weather mixed in with the rain and the insect cycle will get into full swing and I will be able to give readers a better report after the New Year.

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