Fyans Fires Up
  |  First Published: November 2009

The Ballarat and district anglers are once again on the road again as our local waters are low.

Some of the waters around Ballarat have been producing the odd fish or two the most notable ones are Cosgroves Reservoir at Creswick. The Reservoir has been producing redfin up to a couple of pounds on lures cast from the shore, successful methods include casting soft plastics.

Newlyn Reservoir is well worth a try, not a lot of fish but excellent in size. For the best results fishing early in the morning or just on evening will give the angler the best chance of catching one of the good sized browns.

Lake Fyans

Lake Fyans at the foot of the Grampians is the place to be. Fyans is one of my favourite waters to fish and has been recently stocked with fish.

The Stawell Fly In was recently held at Lake Fyans and a couple of other waters from the area approximately with 120 anglers family and friends from Victoria and South Australia. The Fly In is a very family orientated fishing/social weekend. Fourteen trout were weighed in for the weekend, all being caught from Lake Fyans. The heaviest being a lovely brown trout of 2.72kg by David Higgins from South Australia.

The trout were all caught fly fishing with the most successful flies being Woolly Buggers, Tom Jones and Green Nymphs. The trout were obviously feeding on damsel flies and stick caddis.


Lake Purrumbete was the recent venue for the Wastell trophy hosted by the Ballarat fly Fishers Club. 80 fly anglers fished lakes Purrumbete and Bullen Merri with poor results.

It just goes to show one day a lake is on fire and the next day the fish go off the bite. Brian Hughes was the eventual winner with a rainbow trout just over a kilo.

Over the next few months the redfin will really start to get on the bite at Purrumbete. The best methods to catching them are fishing bait such as minnows or mudeye suspended just of the bottom. Jig Baltic bobbers for the best results on evening and first light.


Lake Ellingamite, not far away from Purrumbete, is still fishing well. The trout went off the bite for a few weeks but are now back on track. Gordon Thompson from Ballarat has been catching both browns and rainbows up to 6lb on mudeyes fished under a bubble float. Please remember that this water is only suitable for small shallow draft boats up to about 4.5 m.

Cairn Curran

Cairn Curran is really a shadow of its former self due to drought. Brian Hughes, a well known Cairn Curran angler recently fished up around the wall end near the old yacht club. The carp were everywhere in the shallows as the water had come up over new ground. Brian managed to catch one around the 15lb mark on fly. Excellent sport fish but he said there literally thousand of them as far as the eye can see. We can only hope our fisheries department can come up with a solution to eradicate these pests.

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