Tough weather does some good
  |  First Published: August 2008

The Manning Region has experienced some unusual weather during the past few weeks. Rain, wind, big seas and freshes in the river have all been prevalent.

Despite all this, it seems as if August will be pretty good for fishing.

The constant freshes and a small flood have cleared all the weed out of the river and kept most of the fish in the lower part of the estuary.

With the bream and luderick moving along the coast we should get plenty of schools moving into the Manning for a couple of weeks before they move on again.

Some of the travelling fish will stay in the river and provide plenty of action for anglers for the next 12 months.


The lower parts of the river have only just cleared and the bream have not moved back upstream yet.

Good catches of bream to a kilo have been made from the walls at the mouth of the Manning. The period either side of slack water is the best time to fish when the river is not running very fast.

There are plenty of luderick schooling along the up-river parts of the walls but they are not very big. Most of the fish caught are undersize with only the occasional fish large enough to keep.

Flathead are still being caught from the walls but the big concentrations of fish are up around the Cundletown bridge.

There have been a couple of jew taken from the sea wall on live bait and some have been lost. It has been a while since the jew were in the river.


Before the last lot of rain, wind and heavy seas the tailor were on our beaches in good numbers and a kilo or better.

Nice bream are being taken from Harrington and Crowdy beaches on worms and pipis.

The salmon have finally turned up and are eating almost any bait tossed at them. They are also being caught on lures.

Drummer are plentiful around the rocks at Crowdy Head with fish to 2kg.

It seems as if we might have a normal drummer season this year with the drummer spawning early in August. This has not happened in the last few years.


Fishing has been restricted due to the rough seas but when the boats have been able to get to sea there have been plenty of fish caught.

Snapper have been the most prolific with pearl perch, kingfish, flathead and surface fish also turning up.

August can be a difficult month to fish if the westerly winds flatten the seas and the fish move away from the beaches.

However, even if the seas are flat luderick can be caught in the estuary and groper and drummer from the rocks.

Tailor can be spun from the rocks in the early mornings and late evenings with lures or garfish and a live bait or fresh slab can be floated from the rocks or from the beach for a big jewfish.

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