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  |  First Published: November 2009

There is no better time than the present. This saying rings very true when it comes to assessing the local fishing scene.

I am very happy to report for the first time in several months the good news outweighs the bad. Several local locations have been producing some good results if you are a keen angler wanting to catch a fish.


The first piece of good news on Lake Eppalock is that the water levels have continued to rise. Unfortunately the rise has not been as significant as we hoped and the ground is quickly starting to dry out.

We can only hope that we receive some more good rainfall shortly. Lake Eppalock is currently over 8% capacity and slowly still rising. Water clarity is patchy around the lake and prevailing winds will determine where water clarity is best.

The fishing has definitely improved since the last report. There have been good captures of both redfin and golden perch. Large numbers of tactics have recently proved to be productive.

Good numbers of fish are being caught on bait; the most productive period is in the morning or late in the day. The bait fishing has been slow during the middle of the day for most anglers.

Anglers fishing from the banks with lures have produced reasonable results. A local angler landed six quality redfin and one golden perch while casting Squidgy soft plastics from the bank.

The lure fishing has been productive with anglers trolling medium sized hardbodies in 3-4m producing the best results. Casting lipless crankbaits around the shallower margins of the lake has also produced some good captures of redfin and golden perch.


Water flow and levels are still low in the river, however the fishing has seen a steady improvement. Small numbers of quality redfin are still being caught. The majority of redfin have been caught along the edges of the cumbungi-lined banks and around the edges of the rivers weed-beds.

The number of golden perch has also started to increase with the rising water temperatures, producing an increase in activity.

Anglers casting spinnerbaits and lipless crankbaits have produced good results on the golden perch. Water clarity remains very good throughout most sections of the Campaspe River and is ideally suited for anyone who wants to target the resident fish with their favourite lure selection.


Water levels have continued to rise, and is currently at 6% capacity. The increase in water level has been the major contributing factor in bringing about an improvement in the fishing.

Finally there are some positive reports on the fishing in the reservoir. Some reasonable numbers of redfin have been caught.

Bait and lure fishing have produced good results, with the most productive bait being worms.

Trolling small to medium sized lures along the edges has also been productive.

At this stage the numbers of golden perch being caught has been low, but hopefully they should start to be caught in increasing numbers during December.


The fishing in the Loddon River has improved slightly recently. Water clarity is good and hopefully more rainfall will put a flush down the system.

The fishing should continue to improve. Captures have been mainly redfin with the numbers of golden perch caught increasing slowly.

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