Trout on the rise
  |  First Published: November 2009

After all the recent world-wide financial dramas life seems to be returning to normal, so it must be time for a little trout fishing!

Winter rains were kind and the insects are now hatching in large numbers. Caddis are everywhere and the first dragonfly are starting to appear: we are starting to see evening rises, though not yet in great numbers. The hopper season should be great fishing this year.

Fishing the pondage has seen soft plastics (particularly black and gold colours), worms and yellow wing Tassie Devils working, but no great size in fish that I’ve seen.

Khancoban Creek has been keeping the flyfishers happy, with nice catches of pan size trout. This stream was a closed spawning stream for many years, which after representations to fisheries was opened to restricted fishing (fly and lure only) three years ago.

The inflow is predominantly from the base of Murray 2 Pondage, so it is fed by nice cold Hydro water that runs at a steady flow. Tough going in places, but nice trout pools and cool shady spots are easy to find. Khancoban Creek has been a great asset this season, while the Swampy has been running a banker.

Thus far the season has seen a fairly slow start, with anglers working for their fish. The main problem has been the very high water levels and flow due to snowmelt.

The Upper and lower Swampy Plains, The Murray, Geehi and Tooma Rivers have all been carrying large volumes of water. There have also been landslips and Hydro aqueduct damage caused by the heavy rain toward the end of winter. This has started to settle and will be at good trout levels during December.

Snowy Hydro has substantially more water in storage than has been available for the past several years. This will mean greater volumes down the rivers and better summer trout fishing. So perversely the hotter the weather – the better the trout fishing, as the Hydro copes with the demand from air conditioners in NSW, Vic, SA and ACT.

Whilst I would be reluctant to forecast a return to, pre-drought conditions, this year promises to be one of the best in years, particularly if we continue to receive regular rainfall.

Remember that tinny, raft and kayak hire are all available at the caravan Park.

I’d like to wish all readers a merry Christmas and Happy New Year and hope to see you all here soon..

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