Plenty rain – plenty fish
  |  First Published: October 2009

What a spring, I can’t remember having so much consistent rain. It looks like we may have a really good summer fishing season in our small creeks.

So far, no one could be complaining about how our rivers are looking here in Central Gippsland.

Traralgon creek

Last month I spoke about the creek fishing very poorly and to tell you the truth, I was a little worried about how much damage had occurred to the trout stocks after the fires.

However, a month later, some decent reports have been filtering through the grape vine. To be honest the reports having been mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination. Before the fires, at this time of year, especially with the amount of water we have had, it wouldn’t be uncommon to go up the creek and catch a dozen or more trout. So far, the best report I have had was a bag of six trout caught between two anglers, however most anglers are catching 2-3 fish a session. So there’s fish still in the river, which is great to hear, however the numbers seem to have been thinned out a bit.

A mate Steve landed a decent size brownie up above Koornalla of around 35cm using a Yep soft plastic. Another mate of mine Darryl landed a couple of brown trout up to 35cm on brown bead head nymphs and he was fishing quite low in the system.

Another group of anglers I’ve spoke to landed four nice trout above the Koornalla camping site using soft plastics, we had a good chat and both agreed that for the amount of river you have to fish, the rewards are not like they use to be before the fires.

Morwell River

The Morwell River has been getting fished a lot more than usual; I guess anglers who used to fish Traralgon creek have started to fish the Morwell River: and it has been fantastic. Mate Frank has been flyfishing the eastern branch every week, and hasn’t had a bad day yet. The trout have been averaging 30cm in length and a Hare’s Ear bead head nymph fished with an indicator has been his most successful fly.

The Western branch has had tremendous flows and has often been off colour and dirty making it great for worm fishing. These trout are very healthy due to the high water levels, so expect a hell of fight from these little brown bullets. Celtas have also been extremely good, especially the new colour range of brown and rainbow trout patterns. Due to the amount of water, size 2 and size 3 Celtas have been the best.

Merrimans Creek

Mick Gned had a great day recently landing nine brown trout up to 2lb in the old scale using unweighted worms. Again, with the amount of rain we have had and the colour of the water, a bundle of natural looking worms cast upstream and allowed to float back naturally with the current is about a successful method as you can get this time of year.

Macalister River

The mid section above Lake Glenmaggie has been flowing very hard and dirty with the recent downpours, so I haven’t heard many decent reports coming from this section.

However, up high around the Barkley River, there have been some excellent catches of both brown and rainbow trout. Rapala CD3 lures have probably been the best lure to use up here and there have been plenty of trout caught up to and over 40cm in length.

Eric Clarke was fishing in Lake Glenmaggie around the Coongulla area and landed a thumping big brown trout weighing around 3lb using a flash prawn coloured Squidgy. There has been a few good trout taken here recently as well as plenty of redfin, so it’s definitely worth a look.

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