Bream and mulloway on the tooth
  |  First Published: October 2009

We are still experiencing a good old-fashioned wet winter, which for fishing is a pain but it’s great news for the river and it’s environment.

Good freshwater flows have been pushing down the river, and combined with high tides pushed higher by winter winds has seen the river rise and fall by near one metre in a 24-hour period.

This has to do some good for the system and especially to the estuary, hopefully moving tonnes of built up sands that have choked this great fishing spot for years, at worst it should create a better channel for boating.

Bream as predicted have been doing their spawning duties in the vicinity of Sapling Creek. Masses of fish have been boated and again it’s been unreal to see fishos releasing most of their catch. Vibes style lures are the pick of lures as the fish have been feeding in deeper water. For the baiters crab, rabbit, clickers and at night spew worms rein supreme.

Interestingly some nice mulloway have been pulled from the same section above Sapling Creek.

Lauren and Shane Quinlan caught plenty of these fish. Girl power won out and Lauren’s best mulloway went a very nice 15.5lb. They also had a good couple of sessions down at the estuary. Shane would be one of the best anglers on the river and a huge fan of the freshest bait he can get; Shane will drive back to his favourite bait gathering beach and return to Nelson to fish: results show the three hour round trip is well worth the effort. It will probably cost me a beer or two for even mentioning his name and tactics but never mind.

Spew worms in Shane’s book are second to non (that’s a couple more beers now). Shane anchors up along the bank at his secret hot spots and fishes out into the river. Because of the massive numbers of juvenile bream in the river the spew worms are best saved for an overnighter, as the little ones seem to be less prevalent at night.

The bull-nose mullet are still in the river between Donovan’s Landing and Hutchesson’s Landing at present; when the waters clear they will move further up. A good floating berley and small hooks suspended 60-100cm under a pencil float seems to do the trick. Once you’re onto the spot they are good fun to catch with the best nearly 2 pound. Again call the pub 08 87384011 and we will try and give the latest news, if I’m not around leave your number and I will call you back.

November prospects

So where should you try during November for a Jewie? Firstly seek local knowledge, ask at the pub go and see the boys at the boat hire, Dean and Patti at the kiosk or Doug at the roadhouse, we all don’t mind and it may help put you right onto the spot.

Bottom fishing at present is the go as the water is still dirty. As it clears the trollers and their lures and mullet will kick into gear.

The obvious spot to start is the estuary as this is the entry/exit point to the system, beyond there it really is working certain spots, use your finder for spotting, learn how to use your machine properly.

One simple thing to do is dial back the frequency or what ever your brand of finder calls it, all this does is cut out smaller fish that clutter your screen. Down at the estuary you will be moving around in quite shallow water so 100% is too much as it picks up all sorts of stuff you’re not looking for. If your finder has the option of arches, use it, as the arches depict what really is there. The simpler fish symbols are easier to read but the other way is much better, you may have to play around a bit but it is worth the effort.


By November bream spread throughout the river and because of this years wet winter I reckon the bream will move up quite high.

This is why the lure brigade do very well because they cover so much water simply casting about. The perch have been down the lower section lately and as the waters clear and warm up they will move back upstream so around Donovan’s to Sapling Creek is where to try. Cast to the banks and hit the snags and reed beds especially at dusk and dawn.

Lures like SX 40 and small vibes should be best.

We are all looking forward to a warm and long summer and no better place to try for a fish than the Glenelg River. Call in and say into the Nelson Hotel and say G’day.

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