Conditions Continue to Improve
  |  First Published: October 2009

Finally there are some positives that have happened in the local area.

For the first time in a long time our local impoundments have started to receive some good inflows. At this stage those inflows have only had a minimal impact on water levels. However conditions are ideally suited and all we need is some good follow-up rainfall and we should be in for some productive fishing in the upcoming months.


The fishing in the lake has only improved slightly at this stage. However the good fishing is only around the corner and it should only be a matter of weeks before the golden perch fire up. The lakes water level has risen and is currently over 8% capacity and still rising.

What rainfall we receive in the next month is very important to how productive the season will be.

It is a huge positive that the water level is finally rising but we do need a lot more rainfall.

The rising water levels are starting to cover fresh ground that has a good amount of vegetation on it. It is a simple equation that the more the water levels rise the more vegetation and along with it the greater the amount of food sources available to resident fish.

The rising water levels will also help increase water temperatures which in turn helps improve the productivity in the native fishing. Water clarity is only average but should improve if we continue to get steady inflows into the lake.

For those anglers fishing the lake with lures results have still been poor. There have been only isolated captures of golden perch and also small numbers of redfin being caught. At this stage there has been good numbers of anglers fishing off the bank around Lake Eppalock the results have been average but the productivity should improve shortly.


The fishing in the Campaspe River has seen a slight increase in catch rates over recent weeks. Water temperatures are slowly starting to rise. Redfin continue to make up the majority of captures the numbers of golden perch being caught should increase in the next few weeks.

At the present time water levels are low in the Campaspe River. Water clarity is very good and ideally suited for lure fishing. The good recent rainfall that we have experienced in the Bendigo region should have hopefully produced a small flush of fresh water down the system. I recently had a fish myself at the Campaspe River.

It was a great day the temperature was around 24C and not a breath of wind. I managed to land two redfin for the day. The first redfin measured 41cm and the second measured 34cm. Both of the redfin were caught casting lipless crankbaits. I had several other strikes for the day. Three of the strikes were distinctive of golden perch hits. One of the other strikes was a redfin playing with my lure but failing to hook up.


Water levels are finally on the increase in Cairn Curran. They are currently over 5% capacity and still rising. This is a huge positive for the lake and also for the Loddon River downstream of the reservoir. We do however need a lot more rainfall to get the reservoir water levels back to what they should be.

At this stage there has only been a minimal improvement in the productivity in the fishing at this destination. If we do receive some more significant rainfall and water levels continue to rise, we should start to see an increase in the numbers of golden perch caught around the edges of the lake. Cairn Curran is renowned for producing some very large golden perch each season. The next two months is prime time if you want to land one of these golden specials.


The fishing in the Loddon River is like most other locations around the Bendigo area the fishing has improved slightly at this stage. Water temperatures are rising slowly and have not reached a level yet to see the golden perch feeding readily. This should happen in the next few weeks. The most positive thing has been the good rainfall, which will help improve the water quality in the system.

We need to receive a lot more if the system is going to reach its full potential this season. The positive note that Cairn Curran has reached 5% capacity means they will be able to put small flushes down the system over the summer months. There has been small numbers of golden perch being caught by anglers walking the banks.

Small numbers have been caught in the Newbridge area and also in the section of river below Bridgewater and above Serpentine. The productivity in these areas should continue to increase.

At this stage the fishing in the deeper water at Bridgewater has been slower with redfin making up the majority of anglers captures. For those anglers who are out targeting golden perch please remember the closed season for Murray cod and any fish that is hooked accidentally should be released immediately.

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