Still wet, still wonderful
  |  First Published: October 2009

Mid October and still the rain is falling! Spring 2009 has been one of the wettest of the past decade.

We have received nearly 700mm or 28 inches so far this year, on track to exceed our long-term 30 inch average. The whole area is so beautiful and lush green, it’s worth the drive just to check it out.

That’s the great thing about fishing, it gets you out and about, as the ad says “that ain’t living Daniel – This is living”! 

So get motivated and come up to the high country this summer – you won’t be disappointed! The streams are now open, as are all the roads throughout the area. Now is the time!

The season opened last weekend, and despite atrocious weather there were a couple of good days fishing on both the lake and the lower Swampy Plains River. Most of the catches were on bait; either worms or mudeyes.

I didn’t see any trophies, but I did see quite a few trout around 2-3kg in great condition.

On the whole, a slow start, with fishing difficult, mainly because of the cool rainy weather. We are awaiting the warmer weather and the first insect hatches for the season to really kick off.

All the signs are there for an exceptional season, with every chance of a return to reliable summer fishing. The other point to remember is that Khancoban is not afflicted by the scourge of the March flies after Christmas! November should be a corker!

Once the water starts to warm up around December, Khancoban at 300m should be too warm for trout. However thanks to the Snowy Hydro and 50km of pipe and tunnels, Khancoban receives icy cold water from Lake Eucumbene at 1200m which keeps trout fishing going throughout the summer in both the pondage and the lower Swampy Plains River.

I have been assured by Snowy Hydro that with the recent heavy inflows they will be generating considerably more this year than the past several years with a larger percentage flowing down the Murray.

In summer Khancoban provides an ideal base to fish the Snowy Mountains. With the Murray and Swampy Plains rivers, Khancoban Pondage, Tooma and Geehi dams all easily accessible from here, as well as many smaller streams and dams, Khancoban would have to be one of the best trout areas in Australia.

It’s about time you paid us a visit!


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