Fishy festive season
  |  First Published: November 2009

It’s Christmas time again and as usual it seems to have come around way too quickly. The good news is the fishing has been great and with a little help from the weather gods there is plenty of opportunities on the Fraser Coast this festive season.


The Wathumba and Rooneys area has fished consistently for most pelagics by casting Flasha lures and SureCatch Knights and Bishops. Snapbacks, Gulps and Squidgie slick rigs are also working well especially when probing the depths for fish hanging deeper under the bait.

Trolling lures and rigged baits is still the best way to find fish when the surface is quiet and there are plenty of billfish around to make the effort worth while. To find the billfish in Platypus Bay the key is to work the bait schools and ledges and don’t be afraid to go close to the shore.

Trolling can be a long and fruitless process at times but can turn from mundane to bedlam in an instant. To make the most of trolling, run a spread of different sized lures in varying colours at 4-8knots with the biggest lures closest to the boat.

Work the area from Wathumba to Fergies Spit if a billfish is on your Christmas list. Arch Cliffs has had tuna, mackerel and trevally around the bait schools and there have been a few sightings of free jumping black marlin estimated up to 100kg working the area.


Ungowa has produced flathead, bream and whiting on fresh yabbies and worms. Trolling the ledge has accounted for school and spotted mackerel, trevally, flathead and cod on Rapala Xraps, Tropic Angler TA floaters and Manns Stretch 10+.

The Mary and Susan rivers have been fishing well for grunter, soapy jew, flathead, bream and whiting, especially when using yabbies for bait. There have also been a few threadfin and jacks caught on live prawns and herring.

The River Heads ramps have had plenty of flathead taking plastics, as well as good numbers of jew, which are still responding to live herring fished at night under the lights.

Have a great break and I’ll catch you on the flip side of 2010.

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