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  |  First Published: October 2009

Fresh Water Fever Vol 1

Lure fishing for Murray cod has been popular for years and these days anglers are keen catch and release fishers with a deep passion for the species.

Michael Poulos has been one of the visionary lure designers who decided that big was better for Murray cod and his Cod Seeker lures were designed specifically to target big green fish. In the DVD Fresh Water Fever Vol 1, an elite crew of anglers who have a passion equal to Michael’s when it comes to cod, join Michael. They fish the New England streams where the cod are spectacular, active and angry, then they travel down to South Australia and the mighty Murray River where oversized cod are the target. Adrian Preston joins Michael to show him around his backyard as they target these big brutes on cast and retrieved lures – and the reward is something well worth seeing.

It is here you will see one of the biggest cod taken on a cast lure, and it is filmed from strike to successful release. If you are passionate about Murray cod, then this footage will fire your passion big time.

Running time is approximately 70 minutes and you can purchase the DVD from www.codseekerlures.com.au for only $39.95 delivered!

Fishing The Gorges with Josh and Jamie

Welcome to gorge country as Josh Smith and Jamie Condon escort keen native fishers through their home waters around the New England gorges chasing Murray cod and golden perch.

During this presentation Jamie and Josh impart valuable tips and techniques to connect you with some amazing fish in some spectacular environments. But the environment comes with dangers and Josh and Jamie make sure viewers are armed with enough knowledge to stay safe and have the experience of a lifetime chasing New England cod.

Throughout the DVD you can see the passion for native fish that both boys have as they gently return fish to the water after a spectacular surface strike or a hard pulling fight. It is the sustainable fishing practices that ensure this fishery will survive into the future.

Fishing the Gorges with Josh and Jamie is available from Australian Fishing Network for $39.95. Running time is approximately 77 minutes.

Cod Almighty 1 and 2

Cod almighty 1 and 2 are not necessarily new videos on the cod market, but they do make an impact. Even seasoned cod fishers are gobsmacked by the size and number of big cod caught on these two videos and everyone can learne something from them.

The Cod Almighty series sees cod gun Rod Mackenzie and friends join Bassman Spinnerbait’s Glenn Casey in a hunt for big cod. In the first DVD anglers get an insight into the effectiveness of trolling for these big brutes and there is limited casting. However, by the time the second DVD came out, casting for these big fish was refined and the results are simply staggering.

Viewers get to witness strikes, hook-ups, fish landed and the devastation of anglers missing multiple strikes from the same fish from the same snag. I love the passion with which these anglers approach their fishing and it clearly shines through in the DVDs that they absolutely adore Murray cod.

Running times are around an hour and a half and if you want to be primed for the coming season, make sure you check this out, the mighty Murray cod in the mighty Murray.

Fish’n’ 4 wheel’n’ Noosa to Double Island Point

The latest DVD from the Fish’n 4 Wheels team is a fresh look at one of the great places to visit in Queensland, and only a short drive from Brisbane.

In this adventure the boys take the family along for a trip to Double Island Point, one of the best kept secrets on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

From surfing to fishing Double Island has it all as you are shown how to catch beach worms, beach launch your trailer boat and go offshore fishing and 4WDing on the 42km of Noosa’s North shore beach.

See the huge sand dunes of Rainbow Beach and more as this DVD is full of great scenery and adventure for the whole family. Jase even shows you how to cook up a Roast in the camp oven

Shot in High definition wide screen, it’s a great DVD for the whole family to watch.

Check out Jase and Rodo’s Adventures on the web at www.kimberleyfishingadventures.com.au for more videos and to purchase them on line.

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