King size trout at Khancoban
  |  First Published: August 2009

Spring is fast approaching, with the first irises and daffodils making their appearance: it seems that winter will finish early this year.

The first few anglers started to appear in August, even though it will be this month before the spring season will truly get underway. Winter has seen good rain on this side of the Snowies with Khancoban receiving around 130mm (6”) in the past couple of months. It’s great to see the water permeating more than half an inch below the surface; in fact it’s down around a foot.

All signs point to a fantastic spring. The first of the mudeyes are already hatching, and insect life in general starting to stir. We’re hoping the rains will continue and start to fill some of the empty storages, along the Murray. Rain is the all-important ingredient for a spectacular season.

Fishing has been hit or miss lately with the varying conditions. The best fishing has been the hour before dusk, with some nice browns to 3kg being taken. Soft plastics, Power bait and Tassie Devils seem to be the anglers’ choice. A few flyfishers are starting to have a play around the mouths of streams – just waiting to get onto their favourite piece of stream or river once the season opens on the first weekend of October.

In the main fish have either been taken around the weed beds (soft plastics or worms trolled around the edges, or dropped into holes in the weed), or around the stream mouths and tailrace (mainly worms or small smelt type lures). Nothing much above 2.5kg lately, but plenty of ‘pan size’ specimens.

Khancoban and surrounds – in fact the whole Upper Murray area is looking magnificent. A deep green has replaced the parched landscape we’ve become used to in these years of drought. The snow covered mountains frame the blue of the pondage and lush green of the surrounding hills. Soon the wildflowers (including the famous wild alpine orchids) will be everywhere – a very special time of the year. Visit Khancoban – we’ll show you some of the best scenery and trout fishing, The Snowy Mountains has to offer. You may end up with one of Khancoban’s famed trophy trout to adorn your wall!

Seriously though, this spring looks like being the best in years as the rain has just started to pour down again in late August. This rain, in conjunction with the snowmelt, means we may even see the odd spring flood – wouldn’t that be great for the Murray River!

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