Purrumbete Open for business
  |  First Published: July 2009

Just when you think things are going along ok somebody puts a report in the Melbourne daily that getting your boat into Purrumbete is hard work.

We all know there has been plenty written about the temporary ramp at Purrumbete and unless someone had taken three foot of water out of the lake I did not think to much would have changed.

A quick trip up to the lake to find out just what had happened was the best method to know just what was going on. On arrival at the ramp and a quick count around suggested that there were at least fifteen boats on the lake. It was a Sunday and the Melbourne Mexicans were up for the weekend.

I stayed about, while some of the boats came in and asked a few questions. Yes sure you had to back out into the lake a bit, which no one seemed to mind doing and as most of the boats were being driven onto the trailers, even a couple of 16 footers, it was pretty obvious that the boat ramp was still doing its job.

Maybe the report came from a disgruntled angler that had not caught too much, so he had to blame something.

The reports have definitely slowed and the Mexicans had little to show for the weekend. What was coming in seemed to be early morning or late arvo. Baits under bubbles were taking a few browns, but 1.2kg seemed to be the run of the fish. Some similar sized rainbows are also being taken.

We have had a couple of inches of rain in recent weeks and there is meant to be more coming. Yes and those rough windy days have started stirring a few fish close in. Put up with the wind and cold and fish the rough water. Fish close to the weed patches, as this is where the minnows will be sheltering.

Bullen Merri and Elingamite

A report of a few rainbows from Bullen Merri being caught on downriggers sounds promising. The only way we will find out about this lake is to get some good reports, which will encourage a few more to fish there.

A little more rain and it may be possible to launch small boats at Elingamite. There were some nice fish that came out of this water last spring and the same will happen again this year when the levels get high enough. Don’t come up expecting to fish this water from the shore. The bottom is covered with lots of mud that is very dangerous.

Only another month before the rivers open again, and with the rain that has fallen, we may see some well-conditioned fish at the start of the season.

The ramp at Purrumbete in full swing.

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