Slow and Steady wins the race
  |  First Published: July 2009

Yet another month of slow fishing in the Shepparton region, it has not been easy to get amongst the fish lately, which can be trying for the keen angler.

I have put in so many hours fishing from the boat and bank with few results. The odd hit on a spinnerbait or a bite on worms is about all anyone has been getting.

The fishing has been quite slow, with many anglers hanging up the rods until the weather and water warms up a little bit.

In recent weeks the main eastern channel has still had water and the redfin have biting quite well. Small vibrating lures work best out there; casting along the banks with light line is a buzz and sometimes it’s the only place to get a fish in the area.

But we all know that winter can be slow, however the cold season started well with some big Murray cod landed. Now this is pretty average fishing, but the best thing is it can only get better in August. Please remember that August is the last month you can keep oversize cod due to the closed seasons between September and December.

I have found that yellowbelly in the Broken System start to appear in the coming months, so downsize your lures and get out and target then. In the past season I was also landing good size goldens in mid to late August along the river near Broken River Drive.

The river is pretty shallow in spots but there is plenty of weed beds, deep holes and large snags to cast your lures at. I tend to stay away from bait as the fish don’t seem to be as active so moving spots is a ‘must-do’ to get good results.

Kialla Lakes

Kialla Lakes is the most underrated fishery in the area; I love it. With the water at a steady level the lake will hopefully produce some massive golden perch this season,

The best thing about the lakes is there is no real wrong or right place to start from; anywhere along the lakes edge is great fishing. Local angler Nathan Gibson says the best lures are the Black and Red Bassman spinnerbaits for the lake.

I have seen some monster goldens taken out of Kialla and think you will get a pleasant surprise if you fish it during August.

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