Temps Rise and Barra Bite
  |  First Published: September 2009

The water temperature continues to rise in Weipa, once again creating some fantastic barramundi fishing. The build up to the wet season up here is one of the best times of year to chase this iconic species.

Lure fishers, this is your time! Throwing lures accurately into barra country produced some great results in September. Targeting snags and narrow creek mouths in shallow water has proved to be the most successful method, both with live bait and shallow diving lures.

The rise in water temperature cues the barra to move out into saltwater to breed, so fishing areas close to the river mouths and even rocky headlands and coastlines will be the best bet for end of year fishing. Look for bodies of water that may be slightly warmer than the main estuary system, and the barra will be there and they will be hungry!

The closed season for barramundi is fast approaching, so be aware when this will happen in your area. Most of Queensland will enforce this rule from midday November 1 to midday February 1, however the Gulf region closed season begins in early October. Check with your local authorities for details.

The wind up here in Weipa is generally much kinder in these warmer months, allowing for plenty of days offshore fishing. Some great catches of fingermark (golden snapper), coral trout and black spot tuskfish has been common while fishing the reefs with soft plastics and metal jigs.

GT, golden and bludger trevally, along with Spanish mackerel and cobia have also all been eager to engulf a well-presented plastic, and provide some exciting fishing for anglers.

Tuna have begun to repopulate the area and have also been captured in numbers by trolling deep diving lures, jigging, or casting slugs.

Given the current weather trend, getting out and retuning early and avoiding those unforgiving afternoon sea breezes is an excellent idea, and will make for a much more comfortable and enjoyable day out on the water.

The coming month should provide more great fishing for Weipa, not only up the estuaries, but also offshore. Expect to encounter some of the best barramundi fishing of the year, particularly in areas close to river mouths and headlands.

Again, shallow diving lures worked over rock bars and mangrove banks will certainly produce results. But if casting lures is not your thing, live mullet left soaking in gutters and creek mouths will definitely get the job done.

Offshore, look for birds working low on the water for your pelagic action – if find them, you find the bait – and the predators will be there in numbers. Trolling deep diving lures around bait patches is the best way to cover plenty of water, and also to determine the location of your targeted species.

Happy fishing.

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