Bumper Barra ahead
  |  First Published: September 2009

The transition of seasons was a quick one this year with water temperatures above 20ºC since August – bring on summer weather and fishing!


There have been some good catches of javelinfish and pikey bream on baits and Prawnstars around the German Creek and Turkey Island areas.

River Heads is producing jew, threadfin, trevally and a few mackerel and Mckenzies and Bogimba ledges have fished well for blackall, coral bream and estuary cod.

Platypus Bay has had plenty of bait schools holding tuna, mackerel, trevally and billfish. Casting lead slugs and plastics at surface feeding fish is hard to pass up but if a marlin is what you desire then trolling baits and lures in the same area can be worth the effort.


These waterways are good places to chase the many estuarine species which inhabit our area and while many anglers are aware of what lurks in the upper reaches not many actually spend the time to fish these locations.

Luderick, cod, barra and mangrove jack all reside in these systems. Luderick are suckers for lettuce weed bait suspended from a float. Live yabbies fished the same way have accounted for a lot of fish too, at certain times of the year.

If a jack is more your thing then be prepared to gather live bait and spend a night amongst the sand flies, being trapped at low tide and fish the deeper holes. Remember, often heavily fished areas can seem barren but with a little lateral thinking and a change of game plan it is possible to open up new options in familiar territory.


The lake has had a better than average winter with fish around the magic meter mark being caught throughout the coldest months.

The lead up to summer has traditionally been the go time for big barra as the water warms. With the quality of fish that have been caught to date everything indicates to a bumper season in the making.

Lake Monduran is within reach for all of Hervey Bays Boating fraternity with distances equivalent to a run to Rooneys.

The added bonus is when the northerly winds shut down Bay fishing, not only is the lake a calmer, safer option, it’s also a very productive time to target barra.

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