Prime holiday fishing time
  |  First Published: August 2009

What a busy month September is with the very important Father’s Day, the school holidays and the increasingly warmer weather.

It’s the September school holiday time again and these holidays can provide really good fishing, firstly because the tides are building and secondly because the water temp is rising. Some of our popular holiday angling spots like Elliott Heads, Coonar Beach and Woodgate will see an influx of family fishers all keen to wet a line and hopefully catch a few fish to eat.

When fishing these beaches you don’t really need big 12ft rods, as the beaches are not big and open. Most of the time a standard 6-7ft light spin rod rigged with 3-4kg mono or braid is fine to use at the local beaches. Complete the rig with a number two long shank hook on a sinker that is as light as you can cast.

Remember most of the fish, including flathead, whiting and dart are just in the wash of the waves so casting a mile really doesn’t help much.

The best baits are fresh yabbies and worms. If you’re keen to try plastics, a Gulp 3” Curly Tail Grub will work well.

If you’re like me and enjoy a feed of prawns, don’t just throw the heads and shells in the bin. Take them to the beach where you are fishing and slowly toss them out while you fish. This will attract the fish and keep the toadfish occupied while you target the more desirable species.


We live in a wonderful age of instant communication where you can catch a great fish out on the boat, snap a picture with your phone and before you have even got home all your mates have already seen the fish and are jealous.

This technology means we can go out fishing, record it on digital video camera and have it on the web free for everyone to watch and learn from.

To me this is fantastic as the clips not only enlighten, but they also motivate. While it can be argued the internet is taking up too much of some people’s time, the ‘net can also inspire as well.

If you want to check out some fishing clips, one place you can go is www.purefishing.com.au and click on the PF TV link. There is lots of good info and some great fishing action. You can also find a range of good fishing clips on www.youtube.com.

Fishy Father’s Day Ideas

The following are a few good ideas that most fishing dads can never have enough of.

Hats – some dads have heaps of cool fishing caps but let’s face it – there is a shortage of cool, wide brimmed fishing hats. I have seen a couple of good ones from the guys at Mad Keen that look good and keep the sun off, but if you can’t get your hands on one of them then try the good old cricket hats. These hats are designed for maximum sun protection and comfort.

Sun shirts are another must-have for fishing fathers. Again, while Dad probably has some old favourite T-shirts, he will certainly appreciate a new, flash sun shirt.

Another really cool gift idea is a lip gripper. If you have never used a lip gripper to hold your fish you don’t know what you’re missing! Being able to slip the grips into the mouth of a flathead that’s going berserk on the deck of the boat, and then unhooking him at arm’s length, is a real treat. These tools are great for those of us who prefer the toothy bits of the fish to stay still while extracting the hooks from the spiky fish – and you don’t even have to touch them.

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