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  |  First Published: July 2008

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Throughout May and June offshore water temperatures stabilized to 19° which helped keep fish numbers healthy on the offshore reefs.

The tackle-thieving leatherjackets seem to have isolated themselves to individual locations and are not so widely spread out as they can be at times.

Keen anglers who are prepared to travel to the wider reefs in 90m to 120m of water off Norah Head, the area known as ‘Texas’, should be rewarded with good catches.

Some anglers reported catching a box of fish without too much trouble. Species included perch, big teraglin and consistent snapper from 40cm to 2kg. No need to leave too early from the ramps as the ‘heater’ – the sun – won’t rise until almost 6.45am. Most of the best catches from the Texas area have been from the afternoon fishing sessions.

In a bit closer, flathead catches have also kept anglers contented. In July the Swansea and Redhead gravel patches will continue to harbour flathead numbers if the water temperatures remain the same.

The inshore reefs can also offer species like tarwhine and small snapper.

The only downside to the warmer sea temperatures will be for those targeting jewfish off the beaches, because small bronze whaler sharks have been playing havoc with the big baits. Although these small pesky sharks can be just that, when bled, filleted and skinned, they make a tasty meal.


Lake Macquarie tailor numbers are up. From month to month I talk about tailor and some fishers just couldn’t be bothered wasting time chasing them. To be honest, I don’t understand why.

Firstly, you don’t need to travel too far, burning up costly fuel, and some of the other species that can be caught while trolling are interesting by-catch. Big flathead, jewfish and small snapper also take trolled lures.

Flathead to 80cm won’t be a surprise but deep-diving lures are the key to the whole excursion.

One of the most dynamic lures to add to your collection is the Rapala Deep Tail Dancer in TDD-11 colour. It will dive down to about 9m at a slow troll with around 20m of line laid out and bump across the bottom undulations.

Some of the other locations to target that I haven’t mentioned in previous issues include just in front of the Belmont 16-foot Skiff Club, on the south-western corner of Green Point and sometimes in the middle of Belmont Bay.


As they say, nothing stays the same forever and after more than 13 years, Fishermans Warehouse Marks Point is poised for change in ownership.

In 1995 my best friend, Jason Nunn, and I took on an adventure by purchasing a run-down Fishermans Warehouse at Belmont South. What better way for mates to spend time together than in a business selling fishing tackle?

In ensuing years we fished together, won tournaments together and grew the business from a staff of two to eight. We began selling and repairing outboard motors and boats and purchased the Fishpower Marine electronics business from former NSWFM writer Fred Studden.

Now Jason and his wife Susan have bought the other half of the business from wife Lea and me and Fishermans Warehouse will continue to run as normal. I have decided to accept a management position with national wholesalers Pure Fishing at Tuggerah.

I’d like to offer my deep thanks to all of you for your support and input into our business. Jason and I will remain close friends and still fish together. As he says, we have been friends for 39 years and we will be for another 39 and become old farts telling crusty fishing tales!

Note my new contact details above.

The author with a pesky bronze whaler caught on Blacksmiths Beach while fishing for jewfish. It was released.

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