Cracker winter after rains
  |  First Published: June 2009

The regular rainfall and good weather we have had has ensured a great start to winter fishing.

The creeks and rivers have had good numbers of crabs and prawns on the move. Tailor have been working the rivers and estuaries harassing bait schools and the green toads are increasing in numbers around the Bay, which is typical for this time of year.

There have been blackall to 6kg at Moon Ledge, as well as good numbers of just legal squire and some decent cod being caught on live bait. Golden trevally are working the edges of the reef taking lures and baits and a few mackerel are in the area too.

Maringa Bombie has been performing similarly with goldies, mackerel and cod being taken on livies and blackall, coral bream and flathead taken on squid and mullet. Maringa can be slow at times but is fishable in any southeasterly wind making it handy when the weather turns foul.

There have been some nice snapper to 8kg caught at the Artificial Reef, with many fish being caught on the tide change before dawn. The bigger fish have been responding to live yakkas, pike and whiting frames. Fresh squid has also produced some good fish and has been very effective on squirey snapper.

Soft plastics have revolutionised fishing the Arty and these days catching snapper on a plastic is a common thing. Plastics regularly out fish baits and have become a vital tool in the snapper angler’s arsenal. Add a little berley to the equation and you’ve got most bases covered.

The Arty has also been producing coral trout, cod and golden trevally on live baits and squire, blackall and coralies on squid, mullet and pilchards.

Rooneys and Wathumba are chockers with tuna smashing bait schools throughout Platypus Bay. Wathumba washing machines have had mackerel and goldies on live and dead baits fished a few meters off the bottom. Out deeper snapper are starting to congregate over the 20m mark. Bottom bouncing the 6 Mile/Coral Patch has produced scarlet sea perch, hussar, trout, cod and parrotfish. Most of the decent snapper have been caught on soft plastics, but there are still a few fish being taken on well-presented baits.

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