Oztrail Peak
  |  First Published: August 2009

While the Oztrail Peak is a dome-style tent it s still full height – no stooping in this one! In addition, its cross pole frame not only assists with reduced set-up time but provides greater strength and water shedding capacity all round.

I set the tent up in just 10 minutes with the assistance of my son, Scott, but I’m sure we could soon reduce that time once we were familiar with the procedure. It is not a complicated set-up; it just requires reference to the easy instructions for the first go.

The Peak is rated as a four-person tent, around 1.9m tall, 2.4m wide in the main body and 2.2m wide. Of course, like every tent’s person rating, you’ll probably want to avoid squeezing the maximum number of people inside. The tent is packed into a large handled carry bag, which weighs 9kg and measures a modest 67x23x23cm.

Quick set up handy

Set up: with the tent laid out on the ground the corners are pegged into place. The idea is not to drive the peg right into the ground as the fly will need to loop over the end of the peg a little later, then the peg can be driven in flush.

Easily set-up, shock-corded fibreglass cross poles are provided and the pair are simply slipped into their respective pockets across front and rear of the tent, near the doorways.

A special securing bush will take each end of the cross poles and next come the diagonal upright braces, each one also going into an end of the bush. As the cross braces and upright poles are different in diameter it's easy to locate the section of the bush into which each pole should be fitted.

At this point the tent is entirely free standing with just the fly to go over it, which is secured in place with Velcro sections front and rear. These are easily found on the tent, and the fly is easily secured.

The bottom sections of the fly are then secured via an elastic strap slipped over a corner peg or alternatively set up with their own separate pegs as additional protection against bad weather.

One handy hint during set up is to remember the Oztrail logo on both the tent proper and the fly should face the front prior to being secured.

notable Features

When the Peak tent was set up completely I noted the following very useful features.

Firstly, it’s indeed possible to stand up without stooping. The ten has straight walls too, so occupants don't have walls curving in on them. Paired side windows come with weather awnings as well, which can be set up with a couple of poles and ropes on each one.

There's also a large rear door, and all doors and windows have fly screens, as they should for our climate. The windows and both doors can be rolled up and secured for maximum airflow.

The tent is also equipped with both front and rear awnings. These awnings are easily set up; just unzip the relative section from the main body of the fly and extend it with an upright pole and rope to keep it in place.

Side storage spaces are also provided either side of the tent's interior to hold smaller items.

All purpose tent

Overall, the Peak tent is a sturdy unit that would be suitable for a small family or a couple of adults to enjoy camping. I liked how quick and easy it was to set up, with just the four easily identified poles to contend with.

The tent would also be quite suited to our climate with the large door and windows allowing summer breezes to flow through the interior. However on the flip side, the fly will also keep breeze out during cooler times.

As a good all-purpose style of tent the Peak certainly has the runs on the board to my way of thinking. Check it out at your Oztrail stockist.

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