Hot fishing in the cold of Southern Sydney
  |  First Published: June 2009

It may be fairly cold outside, but the fishing in the month of June in Southern Sydney can be very hot at times. All you need to do is put in a bit more effort that you would do during the warmer months of the year and let's face it: you don't have to get up as early in the morning to beat the sunrise.

The bream fishing in Botany Bay and the Port Hacking this season has been great with some big fish being caught on both bait and lures. In Botany Bay places like the Sticks, the end of the third runway, middle grounds and the deep water off the Patches have all been producing fish on the run-in and run-out tides.

The key to success when fishing these places is you need to have a leader length of between 1-2m in length from the swivel and use peeled prawns, pink nipper, pilchard tails, strips of mackerel and mullet for bait.

When the water is a bit discoloured I would then turn to chicken and mullet gut, tube worms bloodworms and pudding for bait.

If you are going to fish the deeper waters near the drums, Sutherland Point, Henry Head, Trevally Alley and Bare Island I would suggest that you try having a very small ball sinker sliding directly down onto the top of your hook. The ball sinker would need to be regularly changed as the tide either increases or slows down.

At all these places, anchoring up is the only way to go, while at the same time providing a steady stream of berley out the back of the boat. This stream can be regulated by the size of the holes that you have in your berley bucket.

The types of berley I prefer to use are chicken pellets, the larger dog or cat pellets, chopped up old pilchards, tuna and bonito frames and bread.

Further upstream in the Georges River you could try Soil Point, The Moons and the stretch of shore just upstream of the Alfords Point Bridge for luderick. The odd mulloway and bream can also be caught here.

The bridges at Como, Tom Ugly's and Captain Cook will be worth trying for bream, whiting, flounder, mulloway and the odd dusky flathead on a rising tide. Just remember to have a steady stream of berleying going out the back of the boat.


Now if you prefer to fish the port Hacking for your bream there are similar spots that are worth a shot during the colder months of the year. The deep waters of Gymea, Yowie, Burraneer Bay and Gunnamatta Bays are always worth a shot. There is no trick to fishing these areas, just anchor up, fish with the sinker down onto the bait and berley up.

Other fish species that are worth chasing in Port Hacking during the month of June are leatherjackets, silver trevally and luderick.

For luderick I would be looking to fish the edges of the weed beds off Lilly Pilly, the Ballast Heap and southwest arm. You could also try drifting a float along the edges of the shoreline at either side of the Lilly Pilly baths. Green weed and cabbage are the go for bait.

The silver trevally should show up in your berley trail of mashed pilchards and bread. Fish light and try using peeled prawns, nippers and tubeworms for bait.

During June you will find leatherjackets throughout the Port Hacking. I have found the best rig to be the paternoster rig with a single long shanked hook. Try using either small pieces of prawn or squid for bait.

Australian salmon, tailor and silver trevally can be caught in the gutters off Garie and Stanwell Park beaches. You could also try targeting drummer and luderick off the rock platform at Coalcliff.

Further north the rock platforms at Kurnell and Cape Banks should also be producing bream, luderick, drummer, Australian salmon and tailor on the rising tides.

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