Bendigo Big’uns Still Hiding
  |  First Published: April 2009

At this stage the majority of fishing in the Bendigo region has been disappointing. The toughest fishing continues to be in the local impoundments. The fishing in the local river systems has been more productive.

On the weather front we are now benefiting from more stable weather patterns and fishing conditions have been good. We have failed to receive any significant rainfall and like most of Victoria are in need of a good downpour.

Lake Eppalock

Water levels in the lake remain stable and are currently around 6% capacity. The fishing has been average with small numbers of golden perch and reasonable numbers of small redfin being caught.

The most productive areas continue to be around the standing timber and along the edges of the weed beds. Trolling small to medium sized hard bodies such as Codgers and Oar-gee Lures has been the best bet.

We often see an increase in the feeding activity in the golden perch within the lake in the autumn months. At this stage reports are that they are not firing yet but this may improve shortly. One positive note is that the recent mild weather has seen water temperatures remain high for this time of the year. This should extend the productive fishing time. The fishing will start to slow dramatically after the water cools so if you’re keen get out to the lake before it is too late.

Cairn Curran

There continues to be very little in the way of good news when it comes to Cairn Curran. Water levels continue to fall and the lake is currently less than 2.4% capacity. At these levels it starts to become very difficult to launch a boat.

On the fishing front there have been very few reports of anglers fishing this destination. For those anglers who have fished at Cairn Curran results have been poor.

Loddon River

The bad news continues further downstream in the Loddon River.

It was very disappointing to receive a phone call from a local farmer advising me of a significant fish kill within the Loddon River. The fish kill was located below the Serpentine Weir and above the Fernihurst Weir. I was advised that there were over two hundred native fish that died. The majority of these were golden perch, but there was also some smaller Murray cod which died along with some very large Murray cod over 1m dying.

A major fish kill like this one certainly has a significant impact and those fish cannot be replaced over night.

The fishing in the Loddon above Bridgewater has slowed in the last month. The river salt levels are very high and like most other local rivers the Loddon is in need of a good flush. At this stage the fishing is poor in the Loddon however typically there are always a few large Murray cod caught here at this time of the year.

Campaspe River

The fishing in the Campaspe River has recently been the most productive destination in the Bendigo region.

The best results continue to be had by those anglers who are walking the banks and fishing the smaller sections of the river. Reasonable numbers of Murray cod and golden perch are being caught. Those anglers casting with spinnerbaits have had the most luck.

Simon Wilson recently went out to the Campaspe River walking the banks for a couple of hours after work. Simon had several strikes and managed to land a 65cm Murray cod casting a brown and orange Bassman spinnerbait.

Catch rates have been low in the deep water at Elmore and Rochester. These should improve slightly as water temperatures start to cool and more native fish move back into the deeper water.

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