Hopefully Better Weather Is On The Way
  |  First Published: June 2008

When is this weather going to back off! The last few months have produced pretty crook weather and the big seas have stopped a lot of us going out fishing.

However, there are still fish to be caught. We just have to fish smarter and more often to come home with a decent feed.

Flathead are still about and they are active enough to target in the areas that are free of the brown algae. The better areas to try will be Lovett Bay and Towlers Bay. Both these areas have been fishing well on the incoming tide whilst using whitebait or fresh yellowtail fillets.

Most of the fishing in these areas is done by anchoring on a drop-off or structure and berleying, using chicken pellets and finely chopped pilchards mixed with tuna oil. The use of a suspended berley bucket to allow the berley to breakdown and float away with a small amount of current is a must for success. Float the baits down the trail and before you know it there are usually bream, leatherjackets, flounder and flathead that are willing to eat a well-presented bait.

When anchored always place out a bigger live bait or two if possible. A squid, mullet or yellowtail should be set mid water for a big winter kingfish, while a poddy mullet, yellowtail or tailor set on the bottom for a cruising jewfish. On charter we normally give each area about one hour to show signs of life before moving on.

Another area that is worth targeting at the moment is at Longnose Point and the deep channel that runs through to Mackerel Beach. There are normally at this time a nice run of bream as well as school jewfish and trevally. Both trevally and bream love eating nippers or prawns but if you use fresh squid strips and heads you are in with a real chance for a jewfish or two.

The other fish that should start to show up over the coming month is John dory. When the water temp drops to 16C, we normally start to see dory in the depths around the yellowtail schools. These slow moving but very tasty fish are always worth targeting whilst at anchor and berleying.

Normally the dory are attracted to the berley trail by all the small fish that gather. They swim amongst the fish gaining their trust before they extend their cavernous mouths swallowing a fish that moves too slow or doesn’t see them as a threat.

The best baits to use are yellowtail with a modified tailfin, mado’s and even sweep. Place the bait directly under your boat and suspend the bait about a metre from the bottom. Soft rods are the better style to use and a line class of 6-8kg will see you bring them in without too many issues.

The coastline at the moment is really starting to fire up at the various wrecks at Narrabeen and reefs down to Long Reef. Snapper, kingfish, mowong, leatherjackets are all being caught when the sea allows safe fishing.

The snapper are making an appearance sporadically at different reefs along the coast from Trawleys through to Long Reef. There have been some very nice fish caught and I have been taunted on quite a few occasions by mates that were able to get out. Fish of 5kg have been quite regular but most fish are around 2kg. The boys have been using pilchards and squid floated down a berley trail that is started about 30 minutes before first light. The snapper have continued to bite most of the day but the better fish have been caught before 9am, unless a tide change is near.

The kingfish are starting to come on in numbers on the Central Coast and jigging is working well for the brave souls with strong arms. Flathead are finally starting to out number the leatherjackets on the 50-metre mark. The usual of pilchards or soft plastics on a paternoster rig is working well and on most occasions seeing two flathead at a time.

I hope you brave the colder weather and enjoy catching some fish along Pittwater or offshore.

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