Target jewies and kings
  |  First Published: April 2009

This month the water is still warm enough in most parts of Lake Macquarie without having to head down the power stations at the southern end, where the water is warm year round.

There are a couple of fish to target at this time of the year in the lake. The one that is highest on most anglers’ wish lists are jewfish.

There is a good reason why jewies should be targeted this month and that is due to the number of mullet around at the moment.

With the mullet running there will be jew about and if you add the number of squid and tailor in the lake, the jewies have a smorgasbord.

Places to try will include the trench at Valentine, Coal Point and off Wangi Wangi.

It’s not surprising that tailor will be found in these places, too, so have a troll in the late afternoon for tailor here and then get ready for a night fishing for jew – you could be rewarded with a quality jewfish.

Kingies seem to be spread throughout the lake, with Belmont Bay and Pulbah Island producing up several fish on squid or soft plastics.

Give the deep-divers a go in between spots because kingies have taken a liking to these, as well as some of the larger tailor that are about.

The nights are still pleasant enough so conditions won’t be too cold. Most jewies reported have been from 3kg to 10kg, but there are some quality fish out there to 25kg if you are lucky enough.


Other fish to target in the lake now are bream and whiting.

The bream have been caught on soft plastics, hard-bodied lures and bait.

Don’t be surprised if you fish deeper areas for bream and manage a few squire, as they will readily take a lure. There have been regular reports of reds to 2.5kg so have a heavier back-up rod on standby should they decide to show up.

If you’re using bait, fresh mullet is a must have, as well as live prawns. If you have trouble catching the live prawns, Hawkesbury River prawns are a good alternative for the bream. Fresh squid strips are deadly on squire at dusk.

The drop-over and the Trench at Valentine are good places to fish for squire.

Bream can be targeted just about anywhere but some of the better places to try include Salts Bay, Blacksmiths breakwall, Swan Bay and up into Black Neds Bay.

Whiting are still abundant with the sand islands, Pelican and Swan Bay seeming to hold large numbers of fish, with some horses among them.

Obviously, live worms are the go for whiting but I wouldn’t mind getting out there with the River2Sea Bubble Pop or a Lucky Craft Sammy 65 – with the warmer water about in the shallows, they will still be taking these surface lures.

If new to flicking lures for whiting, remember that it is a bit different from spinning for bream on the surface. You want a fast retrieve for whiting and for bream, a jerky, slow retrieve.

Flathead are still plentiful in the lake with 5” Jerk Shads the lures to use. The channel has a lot of flathead at the moment, with other spots such as Wangi, Coon Island, Marks Point and the drop-over also holding fish.

Strip baits such as mullet and striped tuna have been very good, as have live prawns. Fresh squid are also good so if squid are about, have a rod set up ready for action once you find them. Murrays Beach is a good squid spot.

There should be a few blue swimmer crabs about now so give places like Belmont Bay and Murrays Beach a go.

Blacksmiths Beach has bream, flathead and tailor with several nice tailor caught at dusk with ganged pilchards.

Reports from Stockton have been patchy with a few whiting and tailor along the beach but with no consistency. Tailor and jewfish should increase in numbers with the rising moon.


The Hunter River has been a bit quiet although those persisting at night with River2Sea Mad Mullet at Carrington Basin/Stockton Bridge have been catching some jewfish.

With cooler water over the next few weeks, the number of mullet in Newcastle Harbour will increase so more jewies will be around the usual haunts.

There are small snapper from Dudley rocks with some whiting from the beach at Dudley and at Blacksmiths Beach. Blacksmiths and Redhead have produced some small jewfish late of an evening on squid.

There have been reports of flathead from Redhead gravel patches, small snapper from Redhead/Dudley Close and teraglin at night and late afternoon on squid and prawns. Kingfish and snapper have been taken from The Farm reefs off Swansea.

Mahi mahi have been around the Swansea FAD with small marlin also reported.

Have a good month and don’t eat too many Easter eggs.


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