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  |  First Published: February 2009

The first question I get asked from a first time angler to the area is always: “what’s biting, where and what’s the best bait?”

That’s been a tough question to answer. All species of fish in Andersons Inlet are on the bite. Anglers from land, boats and kayaks in the inlet and offshore are all getting good results when conditions have allowed.

Quality fish are abundant and many fishing families are enjoying the eating of a variety of fish.

Most baits have been producing. Success is more to do with the tide and your location when targeting a particular species of fish.

Gummy sharks to 1m have been caught on cured eel, saurie and whole squid, with Mahers Landing being the pick of the locations at night on the incoming tide. Around the new moon is the best stage of the moon phase, with the full moon producing only limited catches.

Whiting to 45cm have been caught at the bottom of the tide in Stevies Gutter, the Snags and at Mahers Landing, with the best baits being live Bass yabbies, squid strips and pipis.

Flathead to 2kg can be caught on the run-out tide by anglers fishing the flats and edges of the main channels.

Schools of mullet, trevally and salmon are best targeted on the run-in tide using baits of whitebait, bluebait, pipis and worms.

Pinkies are now very deep in the inlet towards Nolans Bluff and are taking pilchards, squid and fresh fish fillets. The odd one is migrating up the Tarwin River and being caught in the lower reaches of the river at the Rockwall.

Estuary perch are enjoying the quieter areas of the Inlet south of the Venus Bay Islands and the flats at the mouth of the Tarwin River.

The fishing platforms along the banks of the Tarwin River are being well frequented. Big schools of mullet moving on the incoming tide are taking pipis and chicken fillet under a float. Meanwhile trevally are taking whitebait and squid strips rigged on a paternoster rig.

Venus Bay beaches 4 and 5 are the pick of the beaches, with salmon and mullet to 40cm being caught on the incoming tide on pipi, bluebait and surf poppers. Flathead to a 1kg are an added bonus if you make a short cast inside the break. They are taking pilchard pieces and soft plastics.

Offshore, Walkerville South is producing tiger flathead to 40cm, trevally to 1.5kg and big schools of salmon closer to shore. Typical Walkerville whiting to 50cm are being caught by anglers drifting over the weed beds.

Schools of kingfish have been sounded around Cape Liptrap, but are reluctant to take anything thrown at them yet.

Out of Inverloch, around the 45m mark, young mako sharks to 25kg are being caught, while a few bigger versions to 60kg are coming from the 70m line.

Closer to shore, anglers have made good catches of pinkies to 45cm, as well as trevally and whiting to 40cm. On the drift beyond the break along the Venus Bay beaches, anglers will find good-sized flathead and the odd gummy shark to 1m.

For further information on fishing around Inverloch, drop in and see David at Rod Bending’s World of Fishing, Shop 1, 8 Williams Street, Inverloch. Alternatively, give him a call on 03 5674 3322, or visit www.rodbending.com.au

Pinky snapper, like these two caught by Tom and Lucy, can be caught a long way inside Andersons Inlet at present. The odd one is even migrating up into the lower reaches of the Tarwin River.
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