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  |  First Published: February 2009

Victorian alpine rivers have been heavily fished recently, with anglers from three caravan parks and several camping grounds plying the Kiewa River daily.

Best catches have been around dusk, although a 2.25kg rainbow trout was taken during the day recently on maggots from the Mt Beauty Pondage spillway. Another weighing 1.5kg was caught on maggots by the same angler from the same spot several days later.

February will see better results now that most summer visitors have departed, allowing the trout to settle down to their regular feeding patterns again.

Bogong High Plains

Both Rocky Valley and Pretty Valley reservoirs are at 100% capacity but should begin falling soon as water is used for hydroelectric purposes. There have been a few good catches reported lately, although sizes tend to be within the pan-sized range, with rainbow trout predominating.

Pretty Valley Creek is positively jumping with small brown trout, some not much longer than an index finger, which are rising to almost daily hatches of snowflake caddis in the late afternoons. They provide great catch and release action for inexperienced fly fishers to hone their delivery and striking skills.

Lake Guy

The inflow streams to Lake Guy at Bogong Village are running high for this time of year and producing many pan-sized brown trout. Dry flies such as Royal Wulff and red or yellow Humpy in sizes 16-18 taking the most fish. The building of the new hydro generator is advancing well and should be finished soon, allowing better access to the east Kiewa River.

Ovens River

The Ovens River is flowing well and producing many pan-sized brown and rainbow trout, especially around the Porepunkah area. Bait fishing with scrubworms is the most popular and productive method used during the hot weather, with lures doing well in the deeper pools.

The upper reaches above Germantown towards Harrietville are fishing well and producing many rainbow trout to 700g for anglers who are willing to bush-bash to favoured spots. Most fish are falling to variety of size 16-18 dry flies, including Red Tag, Royal Wulff, White Moth and Red Humpy.

Mt Beauty Pondage

The Mt Beauty Pondage has proved disappointing recently, with bait and lure anglers reporting few captures despite concentrated efforts. One reason could be that their feeding routine was disturbed by an unseasonably cold snap followed by some very hot weather over recent weeks. The Pondage is stocked annually with 2000-4000 yearling rainbow and brown trout and is an occasional venue for state and national flyfishing championships.

Kiewa River

The Kiewa River downstream from Mt Beauty through Tawonga to Mongans Bridge is producing many pan-sized brown and rainbow trout during the day, with better-sized specimens being caught at sundown when insect activity is heightened.

Fishing results during the day were affected by large numbers of holidaying anglers plying the waters lately, many who, by incautious approaches and careless presentations, disturbed more trout than they caught. Now they have returned to their homes, the fishing is excellent.

Lower Mitta Mitta River

In a word, “brilliant!” That’s how Ted Barber of the Magorra Caravan Park at Mitta Mitta describes the fishing in the lower Mitta Mitta River this summer. He reports weighing several good catches recently, with 3kg, 2.5kg and 2kg trout among them. They were all full of grubs from the willow trees that line the river, and they were caught on worms and Rapalas.

The river was flowing at 3000 megalitres a day but has reduced to 2000 megalitres this month, making it ideal for all methods of fishing. By a most convenient coincidence, the best fishing this summer is all along the section of river that runs through the Magorra Caravan Park, which is located on extensive grounds. For flyfishers, good rises are occurring around the airport area at dusk.

Snowy Creek

The Snowy Creek has been producing good-sized trout, especially around the junction where it meets with the lower Mitta Mitta River in the Magorra Caravan Park at Mitta Mitta. Bait anglers are having much success during the day, as are lure enthusiasts. Flyfishers are doing best during the late afternoon into dusk as trout begin rising in earnest. Good rises are occurring at dusk around Granite Flat.

Alpine fishing conditions can change very quickly whatever the season, so for the latest update phone Geoff Lacey at Angling Expeditions Victoria on (03) 5754 1466 or check out website www.anglingvic.com.au

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