Calm days mean busy rods
  |  First Published: February 2009

Storms in January have hopefully got our wet season happening. Strong winds and awesome tides have made fishing difficult for most of the month but when it was calm some good fish were caught.

The black jew have still been on the chew and the boys from the council have caught some mixed in with large numbers of catfish.

We have been patiently waiting for three months now and the opening of the barramundi season on the 2 February is finally here. For all of us caught with the barramundi bug it is now time to dust off the gear and go forth to catch these awesome creatures. The easiest way is to fish the high tide off the beach with live bait. This method allows for no interference from strong winds and also keeps the thirst at bay as the Sunset Tavern is only metres away.

Another option is to go for a drive on the main road to Normanton. You need to travel out to the Jennylyn Crossing at the top of the tide and you can catch barramundi off the bitumen. Lures to use are shallow divers, with a Reidy’s B52 or equivalent in gold the gun option. Please check to make sure the road has not been closed by the police before venturing out.

Using a boat is always fun and travelling up the coast in good weather can supply good rewards as well. You will need to find the barramundi once you arrive at your selected system so trolling is always a good way to go. Lures to try are anything in gold that has a good feel. My favourite is a Halco Scorpion but classic, Nilsmaster and Manns lures will all work.

Good weather, a good forecast and a VHF radio to listen for reports is the only time you should venture offshore to the reef at this time of year. Golden snapper can be found out here and they are very good on the plate. They will take lures that reach the depth they are holding at so make sure you have some 6m lures. My favourite is the Halco Poltergeist in gold. This lure will dive to awesome depths.

I recently had the opportunity to say hello to a fishing legend, Jack Erskine, and it was awesome to see his polite attitude to others. He was more then happy to discuss a wide range of fishing subjects and I would like to thank him for his advice.

Do not forget our awesome fishing competition coming up on the 18/19 April 2009. It will be bigger then Ben Hur with our major draw prize being a boat supplied by the Lodge Hotel and XXXX. The Karumba Community Anglers Classic has now been going for two years and the third event will continue the tradition of looking after kids who go fishing. The proceeds from the weekend go back into local community projects including the Barramundi Discovery Centre. Rob Erskine from Erskines Tackleworld at Cairns is coming back to support the event and I will keep you all posted on developments. Phone 07 47459132 for more info.


The DPI&F has changed some of the size and bag limits for fish caught in the Gulf and these changes take effect from the 1 March 2009. Some of these are:

• Blue salmon now have a bag limit of 10.

• Black Jew now have a new minimum size limit of 75cm and a bag limit of 2.

• Black spotted rock cod (estuary cod) now have minimum size limit of 38cm and maximum size limit of 120cm with a bag limit of five for all cod species.

Changes to crab pots also have been made so make sure you contact the Queensland DPI&F to get the full information.

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