Beach fishing perfect
  |  First Published: February 2009

A great run of weather over the holiday break with favourably flat sea conditions made way for quite a few offshore trips.


It has been a little hot and cold on the reefs with only certain areas working, which is usual for this time of year. But we have had a lot more good trips than bad.

The fishing has been very consistent on the eastern grounds off Double Island Point, with lots of parrot, Moses perch, husser and gold spot wrasse have made for a nicely coloured esky of fish to take home.

The close reefs off Rainbow Beach have produced quality snapper, not in big numbers, but most of these fish were around 7kg. Live yakkas have been doing the damage.

Another fish to target while the barometer is low are estuary and Maori Cod. The low barometer doesn't seem to upset them as much as it does other species. Live yakkas are again proving the best bait.

There have been a lot of mahi mahi around lately and most of what we have caught are around the 6-10kg mark.

Due to strong tidal currents we have only managed a couple of trips to the northern grounds off Fraser Island. When we did get a trip in we were rewarded with coral trout, lunar tail trout, red emperor and spangled emperor.


Whiting have made up the bulk of the catch from the beach. Great fishing conditions with no wind or swell and best of all, no weed has made beach fishing a pleasant experience.

There have been quite a few golden trevally landed at Inskip Point. Most of them are big beach fish between 7-10kg. Live potty mullet and whiting are doing the trick there.


During January there have been big schools of spotted mackerel all along the inside stretch of Fraser Island. I have chatted with a few blokes that have caught their bag limit quite early in the day and the fish are of good size.

The bottom end of Fraser Island is fishing well for whiting, chopper tailor and flathead. And like the fishing at Inskip Point, it is worth putting out a livey for a golden trevally.

It is probably one of the best seasons for mangrove jack I have seen in a few years. The only problem is that there is a lot of boating traffic during the holidays and they tend to spook easily.

It has been a slow start to the offshore mackerel fishing. If the weather stays reasonable we should see a big increase in their numbers throughout February.

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