Mallacoota BREAM Mayhem
  |  First Published: June 2008

Some fantastic bags were brought to the weigh master at Mallacoota for the Evinrude Bream Challenge, but by the end of the weekend there was one clear winner.

Jarrod Healey scored a 10/10, 10.36kg limit, an awesome bag with a kilo plus fish average to claim the $1500 cheque and an added $250 thanks to the Mercury Bonus Scheme.

Finishing a clear kilogram in front of the field, Healey used a G.Loomis 842 and G.Loomis DSR 8200 matched with Daiwa Airity and Certate reels spooled with 4lb Berkley Crystal Fireline and 4lb Rock fluorocarbon.

Fishing the bottom Lake, Healey targeted fish he could see feeding on the sand and weed banks.

The majority of his fish came on Berkley Gulp plastics including the Camo Sandworm rigged on a 1/24oz Nitro size 1 jighead.

"I cut about one and a half inches off the head and rigged the plastic through to the tail," Healey explained.

"The technique was to hop it off the dropoff from where the fish were feeding," he continued.

For the deeper water Healey then upgraded to the Berkley Fry in green pumpkinseed rigged on a 1/12 jighead and an Ecogear VX40 vibe.

"I have been coming here for some 25 years now, so I know the place well and that definitely helped," he said.

Second place was secured by BLA rep Shaun Clancy, finishing with a 10/10, 9.02kg bag pipping local celebrity Chris ‘Slick' Wright.

Clancy used a Berkley Pro Tactic 7'2", 2-4kg rod and a Daiwa Sol 2000 reel spooled with 3lb Berkley Crystal Fireline and 4lb Rockfish leader.

Fishing the Top Lake and targeting weed edges in 1.8m of water Clancy used his Humminbird sounders and open water GPS on the bow with interlink system to find fish.

"With the split screen I could monitor marks from caught fish and use the side imaging to chart the weed," he explained.

The go to confidence lure of the weekend for Clancy was the Berkley lime tiger fry rigged on a Nitro 1/16, size 2 jighead.

Casting to targeted structure, he would let the lure sink to the bottom and give it the occasional twitch before loading up on a Mallacoota bream.

Champion Non Boater was Andrew Dibley scoring 10/10, 7.47kg. Fishing with Kaj Busch on day one, the pair headed to the bay on the north side of the bottom lake and fished in 4 metres of water.

He used a Daiwa Heartland Finesse Long Cast rod and Daiwa Luvias 2000 reel spooled with 4lb flame green Fireline and 6lb Daiwa TDR leader.

Selecting the Ecogear VX35 blade and testing some of Bushy's new prototype vibe, Dibley would let the lures sink to the bottom and follow this up with a rip, pause technique.

Day 2 saw him fishing the flats at Goodwin Sands, using the same technique from the previous day Dibley showed the versatility of these lures and managed to fill his limit.

With so many quality black and yellowfin bream being weighed, the Go-So big bream was hotly contested. On day one the mark was set by Wayne Friebe with a 1.42kg specimen only to be knocked off on day two by non boater Andrew Owczarek with his one and only bream for the weekend, a 1.44kg bream caught on a Strike Pro Pigmy hardbody lure

For all the results and more information log into www.bream.com.au. – ABT

Boater Results

Place Angler FishWeight (kg)Payout
1 Jarrod HEALEY 10/1010.36$1500+$250MB
2 Shaun CLANCY 10/109.02$900
3 Chris WRIGHT 10/108.11$700
4 Cameron WHITTAM 10/107.45$400
5 Scott LEAR 10/107.40$300
6 Andrew AXON 10/107.24$200
7 Kaj BUSCH 10/106.98$100
8 Ross CANNIZZARO 10/106.75
9 Wayne FRIEBE 9/106.65
10 Andrew HOMANN 10/106.57

Non-Boater Results

Place Angler FishWeight (kg)
1 Andrew DIBLEY 10/107.47
2 Craig CAMPBELL 8/106.70
3 Hugh Gregory WIRTH 10/106.63
4 Chris LEMMON 8/106.11
5 Zig DOMAGALA 8/105.80
6 William LONGANI 10/105.44
7 Leon MEGAW 9/104.80
8 Vicki WINTER 7/104.52
9 Jordan TRUSTY 9/104.38
10 Brodie PALMER 8/104.23
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