Rollin’ Summer Action
  |  First Published: February 2009

Trout fishing in the district is generally a little quite this month. However, those that are set up for deep fishing can do quite well, especially in Lake Lyell.

Lead core line, Para vanes, downriggers, and deep fly are all good fish-taking methods. And the ability to interpret a good depth sounder is invaluable, which is made a lot easier these days by the great colour units available.

Trout can be found in the main basin of the dam, where the deeper water is. Look for a thermocline (an area of rapid temperature change over a short distance), this will show up as an area of clutter usually 2m or 3m thick down 10-15m. Trout and bass will sit just above this mark, picking off baitfish that will be concentrated in the area.

However, other water users can make this type of fishing difficult, especially during the weekend periods.


With quite a bit of rain around during the early part of summer, the creek flyfishing for trout has been sensational.

Dry flyfishing with black spinners, beetles, and ant patterns in the pools and runs should continue. Grasshopper patterns will also play a part as the month continues.

The beauty of the grasshopper pattern is that it can be fished during the warmer parts of the day, when you first get on the creek, or later on in the day if you have an early start. If trout begin to rise, it will pay to switch over to a smaller pattern depending on what’s landing on the water.

The Fish River and its tributaries will be a good place to start, and further west Campbells River will also produce the catches.


Burrendong and Ben Chifley should continue to fish well throughout February with anglers doing better by fishing a little deeper.

Really heavy jigs come into their own this month. It may feel like you have half a house brick on but they really do work.

Make sure you hit the bottom on each jig as this stirs up the bottom silt. As the jig comes hurtling up out of the silt the redfin nail the jig in a reaction strike. It’s great fun especially when there is a few bigger fish about.

Intelligent use of your depth sounder is again pivotal in an angler’s success. With the clarity of today’s sounders it is even possible to pick the size of the fish you actually want to target, but getting them to bite is another story.

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