Variety is the Spice of Life
  |  First Published: February 2009

March already! Doesn't time fly when your having fun. Unfortunately this month can be a real shocker; strong southeasterlies punctuated by hot northerlies. The trick at this time of the year is to be flexible and watch the weather and have different spots that you can fish in the changing conditions.

The real bonus of living in Bundaberg is the fact there is usually somewhere and something to fish for in all conditions and, by doing a bit of homework, you should always have some water to fish in at any time.

The Isis impoundment just out of town is a very reliable bass fishery. If it’s blowing southerlies get out there really early as the sun is rising and have a crack at surface fishing before you get blown around too much. But if you still want to bass fish in the breeze there are a number of access points along Splitters Creek and, thanks to a good wet season, the creek has some great deep holes holding some cracking natural bass.

If the northerlies get blowing hard again head out to Monduran Dam. The dam has had much written about it so do your homework grab a map and go and explore.

Now if you’re a salty dog and the southeasterlies are puffing away it’s time to hide up the creeks. As we have had plenty of the fresh stuff of late it might pay to check how salty the creek is before you head up too far. I have found over the years that the creeks fish pretty well when there is a fresh in its upper reaches, as it concentrates the fish in the lower reaches if they aren't too blown out.

If we are really lucky and the weather gods ease up and let us get out the front then don't waste the opportunity, as after a good blow the fish tend to be on the chew.

In close there should be plenty of smaller mackerel and tuna around giving us small boat owners some fun. If, like me, you like to catch all types of fish using all different techniques and you don’t own a 50ft boat then it’s time to head out on a charter.

I was lucky enough to get a seat on Bundaberg Fishing Charters 52ft cat Prime Mover recently, heading out 50 mile chasing some big red emperor and other large beasties.

Our trip out was pretty good considering the conditions and when we got to drop the first lines in, it was on! We had a few guys on board that hadn't fished offshore before, which meant that the first 30 minutes where entertaining to say the least. On the back corner of the boat one of the guys hooked a solid amberjack that gave him the fight of his life. Meanwhile, a couple of cracking Chinamen fish that, although aren’t table fish, certainly pulled hard made it back over the side.

We went on to put some great fish in the icebox and as the day drew to an end we dropped onto our last spot. The tide was right and the boys were fired up and the reds came on the chew. We managed to wrestle some great reds to the surface and finished the day on a high.

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