Fast Track your Fishing Know How
  |  First Published: February 2009

So you’re keen to know more about this fantastic sport of fishing. But how do you go about learning more and learning fast so that you can go out and catch more fish?

Not everyone has had the benefit of learning about fishing from the generation before. I was surprised to learn that one of my friends had to wait until he was in his thirties to catch his first fish. Scott is new to fishing and caught his very first fish on the Christmas holidays landing a flathead, using soft plastics from the bank of a Gold Coast canal. Whether you are like Scott or more ‘in the know’ there is always something new to learn. But where do you go to get the knowledge?

READING and talking UP

Fishing magazines are a great source of information and I read quite a few different publications religiously every month. They give you valuable information on what to fish where. This will help you target in on a specific species or technique.

Other ways are through your local tackle store. The staff at tackle stores can be a wealth of information and getting to know the crew will usually prove invaluable, especially when you fish a regular spot.

Go Clubbing

I have recently joined the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club and I can say that this has been of great assistance to my fishing knowledge.

Fishing clubs often have information or guest speaker nights and since joining my club I have been to presentations by both local experts as well as fishing pros. I have been able to directly apply this knowledge straight into my fishing and have seen instant results.

Clubs hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in their membership and most members are keen to share. Tapping into this can be an excellent way of improving your fishing.

As well as fishing knowledge, you can also benefit from the many years of boating experience in the group. Being a member will also provide you with a great pool of fishing buddies, the social aspect of fishing clubs are a real draw card and the monthly get-together or club comps are often a feature on my calendar.

follow the Forums

Online fishing and boating forums are another great way to fast track your knowledge. Forums are ‘virtual’ fishing clubs; you become a member, participate in discussions and have access to lots of tips and ‘how-to’, as well as up-to-date fishing reports.

You will also hook up with plenty of fellow fishing friends to head out with. The growth of online forums is massive and I must admit to being a bit of a forum junkie. I also enjoy kayak fishing and own a Meyers Manx Beach Buggy and keep in touch with others and learn heaps through online forums.

If you are too busy to join a fishing club, online forums offer a good alternative as you can participate when it best suits you, a word of warning though they can become addictive.

I encourage you to check out the different forums out there, don’t worry about not being confident with computers this can be a great way to develop your skills, forums are not difficult to use and often different forums use the same format.

If you are looking for a place to start, QFM has a forum through the website at www.fishingmonthly.com.au .

And remember that the web has a mountain of information on fishing, just do a google search or head straight to YouTube where people are posting fishing tips and instructional videos all the time. Some of the camera work can be a bit shoddy but you do come across videos that are well made, informative and entertaining.

Practice makes perfect

Despite all the information, nothing beats getting out there and practicing. The more time you spend on the water the better your fishing will become.

You can achieve this by having your fishing gear ready to go at any time, including your boat. I know of a few people who keep a rod handy in their car and stop off on the way to or from work. Be sure not to ignore little creeks and backwaters you usually drive by on the way to your favourite fishing spot, you never know what you are going to find in these waters and fishing these different conditions can do wonders for your fishing.

Making the effort to squeeze in a mid week fish can really break up the working week whilst providing you with more vital practice time. By getting your gear into a ‘fishing ready state’ the task of going fishing will seem all that much easier and this will result in you going fishing more often.

So if you are thirsting for some more fishing knowledge I encourage you to get immersed in the variety of fishing clubs, forums, publications and communities out there. You can fast track your fishing know how and turn the fishless trip into something to write about.

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