A Few Beers with Slick
  |  First Published: August 2007

1. Name, age, partner and where’s home?

Chris Wright, 38, married to Joanna (Asia (Ush-er)), no kids and living in Merimibula.

2. Your first fishing memory or first fish?

I can clearly remember my first fish. It was a trout caught in Lake Eildon in Vicotira when I was only 4. It set me off on a great path that I still enjoy today.

3. How many days a year you fish?

I’m pretty lucky with work so I get to fish 200 plus days a year and fill in the other days surfing.

4. Your favourite fishing memory/moment?

Winning the first ever Australian Fishing Championship (AFC) was a massive rush. There was no better feeling than being rated the best amongst such a talented field of anglers. Also winning the ABT BREAM grand final at Lakes Entrance in 2005 was pretty special too. While the AFC brings together a limited number of the best anglers, the ABT BREAM Grand Final brings together 40 of the best performed anglers in Australia and to finish on top amongst that field is mind blowing.

5. Your favourite fishing destination/s?

Undoubtedly East Gippsland in Victoria. It’s one of the few places that isn’t heavily populated and the fish are big and catchable. If you work out a pattern you can have the best fishing days you are likely to experience anywhere in Australia on lures.

6. Your favourite fishing style of fishing?

Bream fishing with lures of any kind is awesome fun. They can be so finicky one day and so aggressive the next you just never know. More recently I have found a real passion for chasing kingfish and snapper on big plastics. Heavier tackle and big fish makes for some real fun.

7. Where do you see the Aussie fishing tournament scene in 10 years?

The tournament scene is growing year by year and in 10 years it could be anything. It’s bigger now than most people thought it would be so who can say how big it will be in 10 years. It’s getting tougher to produce good results consistently because everybody’s learning through the ‘Who Shares Wins’ motto of ABT. While it’s the best way to grow the sport, it also makes it very hard to be on top for a long time.

8. You were once in the WQS (World Qualifying Series of surfing). Did you travel all over the world copmpeting?

I was lucky enough to travel around Australia on the Australian leg. Now that is a tough circuit and you really have to be 100% dedicated to the event sor you’re just wasting your time.

9. Do you still surf and how does it affect your fishing?

Yes I still surf. I love it. Surfing does cut into my fishing time but I am most happy when I am in or on the water so surfing or fishing doesn’t really matter as long as I am having a great time.

10. You helped develop some of the most successful plastics in Australia, are there any new ones you can give us a sneak peak about?

There are a few hard bodies being worked on with Bushy that keen estuary anglers will want to keep an eye out for. They’ll be great because Bushy has a knack of producing things that work. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Bushy’s popper. If there is a more fun way to catch bream I haven’t seen it yet.

11. What do you prefer, fishing or surfing?

If the surf is big then surfing wins hands down any day!

12. Who are the most influential people in regards to your fishing?

For sheer fishing knowledge and development Bushy and Captain Kev Gleed are without a doubt my mentors. I am .still learning from them every day of the week. There are two other anglers who have really taught me how to approach fishing properly and that’s Tim Morgan and John Schofield. These two really have shown what mind set you need when fishing socially and in tournaments.

13. You were one of the best AFC anglers in the first two years, do you miss it?

Yes I do due to other commitments, gave spot up, but I will earn it back, so look out boys!!

14. What do see for future of Australian fishing?

Marine parks are a worry the future of fishing. Most anglers believe they are being forced upon us with little or no good science to support the decisions. It seems they are just for the political vote and it is disturbing to say the least. Like just about every angler I know or have fished with I am all for protection of the habitat, but there has to better ways to protect our fish stocks than locking us out forever. And make no mistake once we lose areas we will never get them back.

15 Do you have any sponsors that help your fishing?

I am very privileged to have the backing of great sponsors who have become great friends outside of fishing. I would like to thank Haines Hunter, Shimano, Evinrude, Millerods, Lowrance, Minn Kota motors and Oakley.

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