A few beers with Wayne Friebe
  |  First Published: March 2007

1. Name, age and where’s home?

Wayne Friebe, 32, Mornington.

2. How long have you been fishing – can you remember your very first fish?

Since I was two years old. My first fish was an Australian bass from Colo River NSW.

3. How many days a year, do you fish on average?

Probably fish around 200 days a year on average.

4. What’s your favourite lure/bait?

My favourite lure is an Ecogear SX40. My favourite plastic is anything in 3” Gulp, especially the Fry. I’ve recently fallen in love with Tiemco’s magnificent range of top water lures the ‘Hot Dogs’.

5. Who are the three most influential or admired people who contributed to your angling addiction?

From a young age, Steve Starling was the biggest influence on my fishing through various fishing media. Today my greatest fishing influences are Adam Royter and Steve Steer.

6. If you had three wishes, what would change about today's fishing world?

Really, only one wish is necessary. I would love to change the ‘kill and grill’ mentality of many anglers. Thankfully, I think this attitude is changing amongst younger fishers.

7. List some of your PBs.

A 1.76kg bream from the Tambo River on a Ecogear SX40. A 10.6kg snapper from Western Port. Also a 13lb 12oz dusky flathead from Mallacoota on a 5” Ecogear power shad.

8. You’ve got one month left to live…where and how do you fish your last days?

I would travel to Weipa for the entire month with a spin rod and a shed load of plastics. I reckon that would be a great way to finish the innings.

9. When you are six foot under, what will other anglers best remember you for?

They’ll probably remark on how quiet it is now – unless Royter is around! I’d like to think I have shown a few guys a thing or two over the years.

10. What was your worst fishing experience?

Losing a monster bream on day 2 of this year’s Gippsland ABT. The hooks pulled six inches from the net! I couldn’t sleep for a week after that.

11. What are some of your hottest sessions or greatest memories on the water?

Every day on the water is special and there are too many good ones to mention. Nine days sportfishing in Weipa is pretty hard to beat.

12. What are you reading at the moment and what’s your favourite music?

VFM of course! Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favourite all time band.

13. It’s easy to criticise, moan or complain, but over the last few years what are three big positive outcomes or developments in our sport of angling?

1. Catch and release. 2. Japanese hard bodied lures. 3. Berkley Gulp softies.

14. You’re a fishing tragic and totally obsessed – how have you stayed in a relationship?

I just answer yes a lot. Living near the water helps. You can also try the “I need photos for an article excuse”. Seriously, I’m pretty lucky and have a very understanding wife.

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