Bronze Back and Luvias 2500
  |  First Published: December 2005

If you’re into finesse fishing, this combo is for you. Huge reserves of strength combined with a great deal of delicacy makes the G.Loomis Bronze Back SMR882-2S SP rod a great partner for the smooth efficiency of the well finished Daiwa Luvias 2500 reel.

Both the rod and reel are premium products, of course. Still, as with all premium tackle you get what you pay for. The 7’4” G.Loomis Bronze Back, for instance, is rated to cast lures up to 3/8oz and lines up to 12lb but many anglers will spool up with 14lb braid and think nothing of the transition, such is the rod’s ability. And the Luvias reel, which has ultra-smooth gears and a super slick roller system, will cheerfully accept a full load of that same 14lb braid and perform any task asked of it.

Using hard-bodied lures to tempt bass, sneaking a plastic down to Moreton Bay snapper or casting a streamlined slug to tuna is all within this great rod and reel’s capabilities.

The combination was recently given a thorough workout on sooty grunter up around Mackay. The sooties gave the tackle a real workout but – and you can trust me on this – the fish came second. Every time.

For Moreton Bay snapper, flathead or smaller tuna species the combo works beautifully, and if an accidental big-fish by-catch occurs the rig will handle the situation, it’s just a matter of being patient!

The G.Loomis Bronze Back SMR882-2S SP is priced at around $535 and the Daiwa Luvias 2500 is approximately $620.

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