Hot Impoundment Fishing
  |  First Published: December 2005

There are a few good freshwater options in the Noosa area for tourists.

Lake MacDonald is adjacent to Cooroy in the hinterland and is Noosa’s closest impoundment. It is a relatively reliable lake for chasing Australian bass, although it can be somewhat temperamental. These fish respond to trolled minnow lures, cast minnows, spinnerbaits, bettlespins, bibless rattlers and rev heads. Generally speaking casting the edges of the weed beds around dawn and dusk is a good way to get started.Also present in this lake are the protected Mary River cod that grow to 30kg and more, silver perch, yellowbelly and saratoga.Bait fishing is also a popular pastime in Lake MacDonald. Worms, shrimp or small yabbies all make good bait, however the out of control cabomba weed make bait fishing difficult. There is an excellent fishing platform near the dam wall on Lake MacDonald Drive that does provide casting options into clear water. No petrol motors on this lake please.Slightly further away is Borumba Dam, just past the small township of Imbil. As combustion engines are allowed here there are often water-skiers and jet-skiers present. Heading up the dam into the timbered arms provides both a break from the noisy ski boats and the opportunity to cast for saratoga. This dam is recognized as a very good saratoga fishery only two hours or so from Brisbane.There are plenty of bass, silver perch and yellowbelly in the lake. Apparently there is the occasoional Murray River cod, but I’ve yet to see one.

A clean and well set up campsite is available 1-2km from the boat ramp. This is busy over the holiday period, so if it is full there is another just up the road called the Deer Park. Enjoy your fishing in the Noosa area and be careful on the water.

1. A pair of fine Lake MacDonald bass held aloft by angler Danny Adams.

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