Reefs still productive
  |  First Published: December 2005

Summer is certainly upon us with the water temperature right up there with the hot northerly breezes.


We've had fairly light winds so far and the lack of swell on the Wide Bay Bar has allowed for many fishing trips.

Reef fishing continues to be very productive and we haven’t had a trip yet without bringing home a great feed.

I usually start fishing closer grounds at this time of the year for reasons such as we are starting to see some good storms come in of an afternoon and you really don't want to steam too far from home in case you get caught out. You also cop stronger sea breezes that can slow the trip down and, in my experience, the fish bite better in close at this time of year.

The last few trips I have done have seen plenty of pearlies come onboard. There have been big schools of them in close, which makes it easy to bag out early.

In the same vicinity we have picked up a few coral trout to 6kg and they are very nice fish.

Another six miles offshore has produced lots of parrot, Moses perch and sweetlip with the odd red emperor amongst them. There are still a lot of snapper about, but they are biting much later in the afternoons and into the night.

There is plenty of surface action, mostly tuna feeding on large schools of baitfish. We have managed to land a few spotted mackerel amongst the mayhem but they were only small. This is going to change big-time very soon. I'm sure you will see plenty of spotties in the next QFM!

Like the spotted mackerel, Spanish mackerel usually start mid to late November in this area as well.

Out wider there are still nice reds to be had. You just need to pick the days with stable weather and not too much current run.


Flathead are still an easy target around the bottom end of Fraser Island. You will also find quality whiting here, the only problem is contending with the cursed weed.

We've also seen a lot of surface action at the bottom end of Fraser Island and out toward the Wide Bay Bar, again mainly tuna smashing bait. I recently pulled up in the channel between Hook Point and Inskip Point on my way back in from an offshore trip and threw some small soft plastics into them. It was full-on action and I had plenty of bait for the next day’s fishing.

Mud crabs are around but it is a little tough trying to get a feed of them at the moment.


Whiting have been the majority of the beach catches, while some large bream and tailor were weighed in at our last local fishing club day. Anglers were still concerned and frustrated with the amount of weed on both Rainbow and Teewah beaches.

December will see a good turn up of pelagic species. I’m definitely gearing up for some intense fun with our oceanic speedsters so make sure your reel’s drag is in good order and hang on for the ride of your life.

If you would like to have a fish off Rainbow Beach with Ed Falconer on his charter boat, Keely Rose, give him a call on 0407 146 151 to make a booking.

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