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  |  First Published: December 2005

I don’t know if it’s just me, but everything seems to go into overdrive in December.

Work is always flat out as everyone winds down for the year and everything takes twice as long as it should. It’s all worth it, however, when you get the chance to go fishing for longer than the weekend!

That’s my plan for the holidays, somewhere along Fraser Island for 4-5 days chasing anything that swims. I usually try to target as many different species as possible.

I’ve got to get in at least one session on the flats spinning for flathead. You can’t beat walking the shallows with a flick stick in gin clear water watching lizards inhale your lure at your toes.

A night or two on the reef is always on the cards and you don’t have to travel far from the beach to be able to put a nice feed in the esky. I try to make an effort to fish for sharks on at least one night and usually have a tuna out most other nights just in case. The rest of the time you can usually find me towing lures somewhere.

There is nothing that symbolizes Christmas to me more than getting away for a while to have a fish and a couple of sherbets and forget about work for a while.

If you’re on the water this Christmas here’s what has been happening lately.

Spotties have been thick from Moon Point to Rooneys and scattered through the Sandy Straits. Longtails and mack tuna are hard to get away from at the moment and should be for a couple more months. A few queenfish are about in the shallows north of Wathumba Creek and flathead are worth a try on any of the flats that span Fraser Island. Slow retrieved hardy heads have been working a treat according to the locals.

There is no better time to chase black marlin than now. I can’t stress enough how accessible they are to anyone with a boat. I have had some of my best trolling sessions to date over the Christmas break and most fish come from less than 25m of water.

So get amongst it and have a great Christmas break!

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