Stessl Family Bass Challenge wraps up
  |  First Published: December 2004

64 Seniors and 15 Sub-Junior and Junior competitors battled it out in wet and windy conditions in the final round of the Stessl Family Bass Challenge to determine the event winners and overall winners

On a weekend that saw heavy rain, strong winds, bursts of sunshine and some good fishing, it was Mark Pertot from Davo’s Tackle who claimed victory in the final round. The victory also secured Mark the overall senior prize of a 5.2m Stessl Bass Boss package and a rod from Gold Coast Custom Rods.

“I was stoked,” said Mark after the event. “I knew it was a close thing between myself and a few of the other seniors and I was rapt to have won the series. Somerset can be a tough fishing mistress, but this year she has been good to me. I am really looking forward to playing in the new boat,” Mark finished.

The Junior section was won by Brendon O'Rielly, who took home a 3.7m Stessl Edgetracker Lite package and a custom rod from Gold Coast Custom Rods, while the Sub Junior section was taken out by up-and-comer Dylan Mott, who outclassed his better known father Matthew to win a $500 tackle voucher.

“It was a great way to end the series, as the title in each category was up for grabs right down to the wire,” said tournament organiser Gordon Turner. “The winners had to work hard to beat the rest of the field, and they thoroughly deserve their victories – and that goes for the round winners as well as the overall winners. I’m really looking forward to next year’s series.”

Next year the series will have a four-tournament format, with a few slight adjustments to prizes and rules. For the latest information and to register your interest for the 2005 series, contact Gordon Turner on 0418 877 525. – SFBC


Round 6 Senior winners

1. Mark Pertot

2. Darryl Dimmick

3. David Green

4. David Hislop

5. Steve Kanowski

Round 6 Junior winners

1. Lauren Sargent

2. Brendon O’Reilly

3. Kris George

4. Casey Blundell

5. Termeka Bedford

Round 6 Sub-Junior winners

1. Dylan Mott

2. John Davies Jnr

3. Monique Mott

4. Jacob Symes

5. Rebecca Carey

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