Adjustable pitch props
  |  First Published: December 2004

Experienced boaties often find that their propeller is not quite right for a particular application. The motor might run like a bird when the boat is empty but the outboard seems to labour under load, or it’s great except it won’t troll slow enough for the likes of barra.

The new adjustable pitch Pro Pulse propeller is the answer.

Dave Powell, sales manager of Quay Marine in Cairns, showed me a Pro Pulse propeller some months ago and it captured my interest immediately. Dave has since sold a number of these props to happy customers and I decided it was time to review their performance.


Besides the ability to adjust the prop pitch for specific applications, such as carrying a full boat load of gear when going camping, it also has the advantage of easy blade replacement if damaged. By carrying two spare blades the boatie can always get home even if all four blades are wrecked, simply by placing the two spare blades opposite each other. This is an excellent feature for those who fish in remote areas.


The Pro Pulse blades are made of a high density, high strength, composite material that the manufacturer says is lighter than aluminium and 40% stronger. This material is also used to make race car parts and some new outboard power heads.

As well as being stronger than aluminium, Pro Pulse props they are totally corrosive resistant and won’t pit like aluminium props will.

These props come in only nine different sizes, which covers all outboards from 20hp to 300hp. Left-hand propellers are also available for twin engine set-ups.


Each Pro Pulse prop comes with a standard pitch setting and can be adjusted in one-inch increments for two inches either side of centre. For example, an 18-inch prop can be adjusted down to 17-inch or 16-inch and up to 19-inch or 20-inch. Reducing the pitch to 16-inch or 17-inch will increase revs by approximately 200rpm per inch, while increasing the pitch will reduce the revs by the same amount. This adjustment allows the boatie to adjust the pitch to get the maximum recommended revs out of a motor, which means higher top-end speed and better fuel economy.

Adjusting the pitch is simply a matter of loosening the four bolts and twisting two opposite blades until the pitch gauge indicates the desired pitch. Simply retighten the bolts and the prop is ready to go on the new setting.


Glen Campbell, owner of Northern Angler in Edmonton, near Cairns, has an 18-inch Pro Pulse prop fitted to his 60hp Mercury Big Foot four-stroke, on the back of a 5m fibreglass Hooker Boat. He has found the prop ideal for getting the super-slow revs needed for barra trolling, where the boat speed needs to be slower than a walk. An added bonus has been how much quieter the prop has made the Big Foot gearbox, which tend to be a bit noisy because of their heavier make.

Prices for the Pro Pulse adjustable propeller start from around $255. For further information the contact Quay Marine in Cairns on (07) 4041 3166.


1) The four-blade Pro Pulse prop fitted to a 60hp Mercury Big Foot four-stroke.

2) A view from behind showing the four-bolt lock system..

3) A close up of the four-bolt system used to adjust the angle of the Pro Pulse props.

4) A close up showing the adjustment marks (top left) on the side of the prop used to set the desired pitch.

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