Bowen Family Fishing and Wet Weekend
  |  First Published: December 2004

The Bowen Fishing Classic and Wet Weekend was held on September 18 and 19 with the anglers, crowd and non-fishing participants well catered for with plenty of entertainment.

Two weigh-ins over the weekend saw plenty of fish donated to Meals on Wheels, and the filleting and weighing team were kept hard at work. The events line-up for the weekend was a great success, with the beachwear and bikini a big hit, fireworks, children’s games and the prizes and giveaways all eagerly participated in.

The main senior boat package and junior boat package were awarded through a lucky draw system where everyone entering received a ticket. There were 16 fishing categories as well as secret weights, tagged fish categories and male, female and junior sections.

The results are listed below, but the Champion Senior and Champion Junior winners deserve a special mention. Carmel Kelly won the Senior award and Kevin Davies won the Junior award and we congratulate them wholeheartedly.

Next year’s event is penned in for September 10 and 11, so make sure you contact tournament organisers and get all the details early. – BFFWW



SpeciesWinnerWeightSecret Weight
1. Spanish mackerelAshley Wright22.10kgMark Dallebraite
2. Mackerel (Other)Mark Aitken10.30kgTroy Green
3. Coral trout (All)Mark Dallebaite4.931kgKim Lindsay
4. Mangrove jackRobert Hutton6.610kgPeter Mulaig
5. Flathead (All)Wayne Tawse2.023kgIan Anderson
6. Cod (All)Harry Woolzynski21.40kgAlex Nisbet
7. Whiting (All)Ian Williams0.428kgBob Mckeon
8. Trevally (All)Glen Schultz10.77kgRod Steicke
9. BreamJim Vella0.843kgRebecca Steinbergin
10. SweetlipRon Bucholz3.652kgJenna Rapmund
11. BarramundiGarth Hughes10.82kgLaurie Land
12. Javelin-fishPaul Zonta2.946kgDrew Morgan
13.Red emperorJan Elliott10.810kgSteven Land
14. Blue tusk-fishNoel Massey6.04kgJason Southey
15. Other SpeciesMal Aurd19.2kg MarlinAndrew Totorica
16. MudcrabMal Exelby1.994kgNigel Nisbet


SpeciesWinnerWeightSecret Weight
1. Spanish MackerelKevin Davies26.00kgKevin Davies
2. Mackerel (Other)Brendan Daley4.92kgQuinion Kelly
3. Coral trout (All)Brendan Daley2.108kgMelody Koch
4. Mangrove jackHarley Brannigan0.785kgHarley Brannigan
5. Flathead (All)Mitch Gilchrist0.979kgTroy Tengbom
6. Cod (All)Linton Murdock10.55kgJason White
7. Whiting (All)Nigel Nisbet0.324kgNicholas Holditch
8. Trevally (All)Jasmine Minogue2.352kgDavid Flynn
9. BreamJackson Vella0.723kgRhiannon Morgan
10. SweetlipNathan Daley2.745kgMichael Barber

11. Barramundi

12. Javelin-fishChloe Sullivan2.592kgMitchell Wharley
13. Red emperorLayton Murdock6.450kgLayton Murdock
14. Blue tusk-fishStuart Barker3.115kgDanielle Davies
15. Other speciesTim Darby1.364kg AmberjackNathan Ilmer

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