Bigger and Better Tiaro Comp
  |  First Published: December 2002

THE TIARO Landcare Annual Ergon Fishing Competition was held on the ponded area of the Mary River over October 19-20, based at Petrie Park, Tiaro. Registrations for seniors, juniors and families increased by more than 50% on previous years, and anglers came from as far as Rockhampton, Monto and the Gold Coast. All proceeds were used to help the endangered Mary River turtle.

Unfortunately, a raft of water hyacinth stretched as far as the eye could see from Petrie Park but, despite the difficulties, plenty of fish were caught and released. The recently modified fishway at the barrage is allowing improved passage, as was evidenced by the fact that three estuary species were landed. A 0.9kg yellowfin bream caught by 4yo Teresa Banister of Monto won the Most Outstanding Catch, with the prize of a Kingfisher Bay Resort holiday.

The Heaviest Fish amongst the seniors was a 4.056 forktail catfish caught by Barbara Mosk of Tiaro, who landed $500 worth of paving bricks supplied by Focus Flagstone Pavers. Mark Tyler topped the juniors, winning a return trip to Brisbane on the tilt train, courtesy of Q-Rail, for his 3.594 catfish.

The Stiab family from Tiaro won the family section, edging out the Dales of Tinana, to win a camping gear package.

Tiaro Landcare President Darryl Stewart praised all entrants who, because of the hyacinth, had to fish areas remote from the weighing station and then had to drive back and forth with sloshing eskies full of fish.

“With catering by Tiaro Lyons all weekend, live entertainment, lucky prize draws and great fishing prizes… with a lucky draw for $1000, next year’s competition on October 18-19 is not to be missed,” Mr Stewart said. – TDLG.

For more information call Daryl Stewart on (07) 4129 6190.



Forktail catfish – Barbara Mosk (4.056kg)

Eeltail catfish – Kevin Ross (1.133kg)

Eel – Barbara Mosk (2.802kg)

Bass – Andrew Ward (1.602kg)

Spangled perch – Dan Clancy (0.276kg)

Gar – Grant Tyler (0.088kg)

Yellowfin bream – Randy Banister (0.908kg)

Oxeye herring – Mark Hopper (1.330kg)

Estuary perch – Grant Tyler (0.002kg)


Forktail catfish - Mark Tyler (3.594kg)

Eeltail catfish - Corey Mason (1.238kg)

Eel - Cody Tierney (1.221kg)

Bass - Beau Conway (0.478kg)

Spangled perch - Corey Mason (0.170kg)

Gar - Rick Hazelgrove (0.044kg)

Yellowfin bream - Teresa Banister (0.886kg)

$1000 Lucky Draw – Debbie Mason

Marine Licence Course – Ken Neilsen

Esky Raffle – D Weymiens

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