Tested: New Campout Products
  |  First Published: December 2002

THE CAMPOUT mattress is a single bed sized camping mattress that’s just the right size for a good night's sleep. You can roll it up into a small bundle, with the straps supplied, and easily stow it in your car or boat ready for use.

The dense foam used in the Campout mattress means that it’s a useful alternative to an air mattress. You don’t have to worry about inflating it or deflating it (or re-inflate it during the night when it's cooled and lost size), as you do with an air mattress. I took one of these mattresses away on a trip recently and found it to be both comfortable to sleep on and easy to stow when packing up.

With a strong cotton-covered outer cover on top and a waterproof poly base, the mattress can also be useful at home if the kid's mates are staying over.


The Campout car awning sits in a heavy-duty zippered bag on the roof rack of your car. When you open the carry case you can pull the awning out from the side of your vehicle and set it up to provide a good amount of shade and shelter. The awning measures around two metres by three metres when extended.

The first step in setting up the awning is to attach a roof bar to your vehicle, preferably a 4WD or van. The awning can be set up on virtually any vehicle that takes a roof rack, but taller vehicles are best. Incidentally, the roof bar can be as uncomplicated as a surfboard rack.

The next step is to attach a long length of mounting bar incorporating a special track to the roof bar with a special clamp that locks the mounting bar permanently in place. You can then attach the Campout awning to the slot – similar to a sail track – in the long mounting bar.

To use the awning, you just un-zip the carry bag and pull the awning out as far as it will go. Next, remove the two extending poles (standard tent type poles) which are folded into its leading edge to prop up each outer corner. Finally, peg the ropes (there’s one attached to each pole) into place diagonally opposite each corner.

You can set the awning up in less than 30 seconds, and the only tool you need that’s not supplied in the kit is a hammer.

1) The Campout mattress is great for occasional use at home or for enjoying a good night's sleep in the tent.

2) The Campout Deluxe Car Awning takes only 25 seconds to set up.

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